Writing task 2 – 4 Best TIPS to help you get a high score – Writing exam preparation online

Do you know, in which part of the IELTS test do you usually get the lowest score?

That answer is Writing, it really is the nightmare of the contestants. However, if we have reasonable preparation It is not difficult to get a high score in this section. Today IELTS Fighter will tell you guys 4 TIPS to get high score in Writing task 2.

Writing task 2 - 4 Best TIPS to help you get a high score

And below IELTS Fighter would like to give you some essential tips to help you successfully pass the IELTS Writing test.

1. Underline keywords

Underlining keywords helps you determine what the question is asking you to answer. Don’t write something you don’t know, stick to the question and the keywords you’ve underlined to make sure you understand the question correctly and know how you should answer.

For example, is this an opinion, problem or solution that the question requires an answer to? You can imagine how bad your score would be if you didn’t answer the keywords in the question.

2. Write down the main idea before you do the test

Many candidates complain that they don’t have time to cross out the topic and they think it’s a waste of time but that’s a misconception. Preparing in advance or taking a minute to strike out the main idea will help you write faster because you already have ideas to write about and don’t worry about getting off topic.

3. Use grammar

Using different types of grammatical structures such as combinations of simple and complex sentences is extremely important in writing. To write well, you should use academic words and varied linking words. It is worth noting that the use of linking words will be essential for the calculation of a score of 6 or more

4. Don’t repeat ideas

It is not advisable to repeat the same argument or opinion by changing the way the sentence is written. Similarly, try not to repeat words. Sometimes you need to understand the meaning of the words in the question and finding synonyms like this will help you increase your flexibility in using words.

Wish you all good study!

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