Writing Guide and Sample IELTS Writing Task 1 Process: Apple juice, Geothermal, Hydroelectric

Today’s lesson includes articles and videos under the guidance of Mr James with difficult Writing Process topics from the past years. Let’s study together.

Writing Process: Apple juice

The diagram below shows how concentrated apple juice is produced.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

writing task 1 process for apple juice


– Overview:
Steps 1 – 4: preparing the ingredient
Steps 5 – 8: main parts, complicated technologies
Steps 9 – 11: packing and distribution

– Body:
Body 1: steps 1 – 4
Body 2: steps 5 – 8
Body 3: steps 9 – 11


The provided diagram shows places how the process of producing apple juice takes.

In general, this process includes 11 steps in which the first four steps involve preparing the ingredient, the next four steps are the main parts with complicated technologies, and the last 3 steps include packaging and distribution.

specifically, the preparatory stage begins with harvesting and selecting the best apples from the trees. After going through an automatic belt and being washed and sorted at step 2, the apples are sliced ​​in an apple grinder at step 3. Next, the apple slices are stored in a wooden bucket.

At stage 5, the apple slices are put into a pressing machine where water is separated from the apple by a centrifuge. Afterwards, the apple goes through a system of boilers and pipes where aroma is added. Steps 7 and 8 involve filtration and pasteurization at 80 degrees Celsius respectively.

At step 9, the apple juice is poured into bottles which are previously labeled. At the two final steps, the bottles are packed into cardboard boxes before being delivered by lorries, and the process finishes at this step. (188 words, band 7.0)

Vocabulary highlights

– preparation [n]: preparation / preparatory [adj]: preparatory

– slice [v, n]: thinly sliced ​​/ 1 slice

– bucket [n]: bucket

– centrifuge [n]: centrifuge

– boiler [n]: boilers

– pipe [n]: pipe

– filtration [n]: filter process / filter [v]: filter

– pasteurization [n]: sanitize

– label [v, n]: label / label of the product

– cardboard [n]: cover

– deliver = transport [v]: transport

– lorry = truck [n]: vans

Steps 7 and 8 involve filtration and pasteurization at 80 degrees Celsius respectively.

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The first step in the process involves harvesting and selecting the best apples.

Subject: 1 or some of the steps in the process

Verb: involve / include

Objects: cluster V or cluster N.

Writing Process: Geothermal

The diagram below shows how geothermal energy is used to produce electricity.

writing task 1 geothermal


– Overview: movement and heating of water: absorb geothermal energy => convert into electrical energy

– Body 1: movement of water to absorb geothermal energy

– Body 2: conversion into electrical energy

Full sample

The provided diagrams illustrate how the process of generating electricity in a geothermal power plant happens.

Overall, this process includes 6 steps in which the movement and heating of water plays an essential role. Water absorbs geothermal energy and converts it into electrical energy.

specifically about the movement of water to absorb geothermal energy, the process commences when cold water from a tank on the surface is pumped to the depth of 4.5 km underground. Then, the water goes through an injection well into a geothermal zone where it absorbs heat energy from hot rocks. At the third step, after receiving sufficient geothermal energy, boiling water is pumped upward back to the surface through a production well.

In terms of energy conversion, on the surface, boiling water is stored in a condenser. The higher the temperature, the higher the pressure, so high-pressure steam created in the boiling process is released from the condenser to turn the turbines. Then, a generator which is powered by the turbines produces electricity. Finally, electrical power is transmitted into the national grid, and the process finishes. (182 words, band 7.0)

Vocabulary highlights

– Geothermal power plant [n]: geothermal power plant

– Geothermal energy [n]: geothermal energy

– Heat energy [n]: heat energy

– Electricity = Electrical energy [n]: Electrical Power

– Convert [v] /Conversion [n]: the transformation of energy

– Commence [v]: start, begin

– Inject [v] / Injection [n]: pump / inject / spray (liquid) somewhere

– Absorb [v]: absorb

– Sufficient [adj]: sufficient for a certain purpose = Adequate

– Condenser [n]: condenser chamber

– Power: [n] energy; [v] to power something to work

– Transmit [v] / Transmission [n]: transmission (electricity, signal etc.)

Writing Process: hydroelectric

The diagram shows how electricity is generated by a hydroelectric dam.

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Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make.

writing task 1 hydroelectric topic


– Overview: 2 main parts, circulation of water + transmission of electrical power

– Body:

Body 1: circulation of water

Body 2: transmission of electricity

Full sample

The provided diagram illustrates how the process of generating electricity in a hydroelectric power plant happens

In general, the entire process can be divided into two main parts, specifically the transmission of water and the electrical power.

specifically, the process begins with the natural, repeating cycle of water. Due to the heat of the sun, water on the surface of the ocean evaporates resulting in the formation of clouds. Then, a dam is constructed on a slope to create an artificial reservoir where rainwater is stored. When the reservoir’s valve is opened, water is released. Its potential energy is converted into kinetic energy which turns the turbine to generate electricity. Afterwards, the water is pumped back to the reservoir against gravity, while the valve is closed to store water.

Regarding the transmission of electricity, we can see that it goes through a system of high voltage cables which are placed on towering electrical poles from the power station where electricity is generated to a transformer station. Next, it is transmitted through underground cables into homes, factories, hospitals, and schools. (181 words, band 7.0)

Vocabulary highlights

– Hydroelectric power plant [n]: hydropower plants

– Circulation [n] = Cycle [n]: circulation; Circulate [v]: move in a cycle

– Transmit [v] / Transmission [n]: transmission (electricity, signal etc.)

– Evaporate [v]: steam

– Slope [n]: 1 slope / 1 slope of a hill or mountain

– Artificial [adj]: artificial

– Reservoir [n]: water tower

– Potential energy [n]: potential energy

– Kinetic energy [n]: kinetic energy

– Gravity [n]: gravitation

– High voltage cable [n]: high voltage power line

– Towering [adj]: very tall

– Electrical poles [n]: power poles

– Power station [n]: power plant

– Transformer station [n]: substation

– Underground cable [n]: underground cable

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