Writing for medical students while still in school!

As a doctor working in all departments, from emergency department, pediatric department, medical examination department, radiology department and even endoscopy department, he finds all the knowledge learned in school is applied to his work. 100% medical care

He really regrets and feels a bit regretful that during his years in school, he did not pay attention to study well and work hard in clinical practice. For all doctors who have graduated from school, no matter what job they do, they can apply most of what they learn to save patients. SPECIAL AT EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT

In a time when evidence-based medicine and experience must go hand in hand and clinical theory is the most effective equipment when we go on that path, you will see the value of studying medicine as a student.

Just recently, just a short time ago, he witnessed the death of a patient who fell into ventricular fibrillation and stopped helplessly despite having an electric shock that broke the vibration up to 4 times with the highest energy level enough to kill a person. normal people but the patient still can’t come back to life, reviewing the procedures, it’s really correct but the first aid experience and young learning ability did not overcome death, the same case but once Moreover, he and his colleagues were taught by skilled emergency doctors and many years of experience, they saved the patient in the same situation but the manipulation and treatment of drugs was faster and more drastic than a little.

The medical profession needs to be fast, properly handled and must ensure that there are no complications when handling it to be a good doctor.

He still remembers, very well remembers the saying of Doctor Nguyen Urologist that: not everyone is perfect in the medical profession, everyone is good at it, every year you should visit the cemetery to see how many patients your hand has brought home. with the motherland to get the absolute best experience possible. Just yesterday, the same doctor who is very good in surgery told him that the medical profession cannot avoid mistakes, only looking at it and looking at the mistakes of his colleagues before him, but avoid and learn from experience. Well, no one in this world can talk or pat their chests with this dangerous profession.

I just hope that you guys try to get a lot of clinical experience, it will be a leverage to be a luggage for you when you graduate, because when you graduate from school, you will no longer be closely tutored. like on the school chair, if the doctor has a pen, the chicken will die, the wrong order is to go to jail like playing.

A disaster is something that no one wants or can avoid, it’s just how we handle it when we encounter it, because it causes death or disability, the consequences are partly the responsibility of the medical practitioner. Inside.

In conclusion: I want you to study well, especially clinically and practically because evidence-based medicine doesn’t allow us to just sit there and make inferences, it needs to be authentic and must be authentic to apply it on. The patient can, besides, try to learn the theory well because it is the best luggage for them to cope with difficult cases.

Good luck with your studies!!!

BS. Nguyen Thai Hiep

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