Write to friends who are still working in public hospitals!


3-4 million: salary of a public nurse – 6-7 million/month for all: on duty, sitting in an overtime clinic, seeing 200 cases a day – running around like a bee that never knows when to finish the job.

5-6 million: salary of a public doctor – 9-10 million/month for all: on duty, sitting at the clinic and seeing over 100 patients/day – sitting down and drinking water every dayEstimate, suck lemon because of mute, receive about 20-30 or more, serious cases requiring hospitalization every day – and when I say “receive” – not only mean to receive, but also examine, test, monitor , check back when needed…..

1-3 million: the total salary of a newly graduated doctor who is “favored” by the hospital.

15 thousand dong: dinner money for the medical staff on night duty, running away because of the hustle and bustle

25,000 VND: extra fee for a perforated bowel patch for a surgeon
This is the reality of those we ask to be our “white angels”!

This is also a fact:

When items are damaged, involving medical staff, medical staff will have to pay.

When a patient’s family member does not pay the hospital fee in full, the medical staff may have to pay.

When there is a difficult case, regardless of whether it is “spontaneous” by family members or not, medical staff will have to make a review, and may be deducted from the competition fee – which is a large part of the salary. basic.

When patients complain of overcrowding, overcrowding, too few beds, and at times resenting the poor conditions in public hospitals – the medical staff is the first, and possibly only, person to respond. spam complaints that are “very relevant” to their expertise, and may result in a contest fee!

When patients and their family members abuse, threaten, for any reason, medical staff feel extremely alone, because they can’t find any sponsor from anyone – unfortunately Treat yourself! And may be deducted from the competition money!!!

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I once had a colleague, because the patient was too sick and died, the patient’s family let the gangster wield a knife and a baton, searching for days in the hospital. My colleague had to hide in the staff room closet on the first day, stayed there all night, a few days later, escaped home, living in fear. Apply for leave next month! And absolutely did not see any intervention and support from anyone!

Here, this is the reality of socialites who demand to always be cheerful, cheerful, and be a good mother, or according to the most recent message, to see patients as “god”!

If it were you, would you like to do it or not?

Answering theory is very easy, because as a doctor, you have to know how to sacrifice for your patients, you must know how to love your patients, you must know how to dedicate without asking, blah blah blah blah….But when it comes to real practice. , to know how HARD it is!

Today, if you are free, try to meet 100 people who are “not sick” this morning, greet them with a smile, to see if you are exhausted?

Not to mention seeing 100 patients, accompanied by family members, in a stressful environment, every day!

Today, if you’re offended, try asking your co-workers, who you know doesn’t like you at all, when you’re excited for immortality, run over and slap you in the face without warning, try it!

See how it feels to “wait” for that immortal slap!

Because public health workers are people who live in “waiting for the sudden slap – or more” every working day! And worse than you, we might have to pay for this sudden slap!

Today, if you have a little more free time, try turning on the alarm clock at night, wake up once every 30 minutes, see if the next morning you can smile and hug your colleagues and 100 customers. !

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Because this is also part of our job – night duty and morning work, medical check-ups and greetings!

If you have too much free time and have done everything already, and still have time, you should try Vinh Nghiem pagoda, “attend” two funerals, family members cry in pain and sorrow, see how you feel during the day. Please.

Because this is also the average number of deaths that we have to witness, every day, and have to self-regulate and correct our emotional and personal thoughts, to continue “going on”, for our profession. me!

So, I really feel that, if we really call medical staff “angels in white” – we are “perforated angels”, and if we call them “kind mothers” – we are “mothers suffering from domestic violence” without any social organization to intervene!

Really, is it possible that society has asked too much of medical staff, without any legitimate support to compensate?!

Why are there sponsors to help patients and patients’ family members, but have not seen an organization, a sponsor to support medical staff in difficulty, or help improve the ward or hospital to better place to rest and work for medical staff, and better work efficiency and patient service?

We are not saints, for saints are already in heaven! We are just people who are smart enough, diligent enough, and “indebted” enough to run into the medical profession!

So let’s understand each other, and support each other when possible!

Please think of what we have to go through every day, every day of our lives, at public hospitals, to appreciate and protect us more, friends!!!

Bs. Huyen Thao

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