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Before the Hawks hanging the champion banner, the SoundGarden band and Phil-Williams held a concert in the square before the court, Phil said on the stage: “Shout your for Paul – Allen (Paul Allen) and his blessings of his perfect team. “To express the enthusiasm of the Seattle fans on the Hawks.

This season Carl’s performance reached the MVP level, and completed the 3705 yard passed the ball 25 to be copied 6 times, which is why the team can 12 wins and 3, and help the team returned after 2002 In the playoffs.

Cartelley said: “For me, Galabo is not as few as Andrew Rak, which can improve the horizontal level of the whole team. But what I said, he has all the characteristics: precise Degree, timely shooting, etc., can make him excellent work. “

Recently, Beckham held a rugby training camp for young people. When he ended a group of reporters, he was asked if the fans would see him in July’s training camp. Beckham replied: “Yes, it is you will.”

The giant taken away from Cruze self-confidence.The New York Giants Entry-Word Victor Cruz is still in the injuries rehabilitation stage, but he revealed that he will attend the team’s training camp recently. Cruze said: “My plan is to participate in the training camp, I have been prepared, now I feel very good.”

Cruze said that he had confidence to catch up with the season, his recovery is better than expected. Cruze believes that he can prove herself in the training camp, retrieve the speed and state of the past, continue to contribute to the team in the new season.

cheap nfl Jerseys from china official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that this move more is the operation of the program, and the schedule for this external recovery is still not changed. Since he accepts foot surgery in June, his recovery schedule has been returning before the first week.

Unveiling the front of the sea eagle rises the super bowl flagBefore the “Thursday Night Tour” that has just ended the Green Bay package, Seattle Hawks held a grand raising ceremony to celebrate the first Super Bowl of the city of Seattle’s city & mdash; & mdash; they obtained in the 2013 season. The champion of a super bowl. The flag is hanging under the central annulus of the CenturyLink Stadium.

When the star players in multiple teams were absent from the mini training camp, Baker Ham was attended the mini training camp, but he only participated in personal training. This is a good sign for this star.

There was a message indicated that the giants would launch Cruze in the finals of the PUP, that is, due to physical reasons and unable to participate in the competition. If Cruze cannot return to the level of the game before the start of the season, you can empty a list of PUP lists. Insatiscically, if you choose to include Cruze to the PUP list, they will look for an external hand with the power to replace Cruze. On the other hand, if it is listed in the PUP list, Cruze will at least over the top 6 games in the season.

Jimmy – Galaboro level is better than this selection quadrantIt is generally believed that the quarter-saving level of this year’s draft can only be said to be unconventional. The NFL official website analyst Charley Casserly believes that their level is even lower than a certain replacement in the league.

Of course, now not all teams want to find the team from the draft. NFL official website draft expert Mike Mike Mayock last week, there is a four-dimensional deviation “sufficient to scare me” in the top 10, and Daniel Jeremiah is written before In the talent, ranking 18th Skillar is already the highest quarter-off.

Cartelley was written in his own primary version of the emulation draft: Urgently needed four-point guards, Cliffland Brown, will use the No. 12 to sign the patriotic quarter Guimi – Galaboro. Because, Whether Clemsen University, Deson Watson, Northern Carolina, Mitch Trubisky, or Dadwalne, Notre, Deshone kizer, the level is lower than Galaboro.

Former Houston Texas, Washington Red Leather General Manager Cartier said: “First, I can’t see it. Secondly, the current Galaborobar is good. And he has been three years of experience. Even when I just came out from the university, he also learned to quickly shot. He is very smart, he knows where the ball is going. He also has accuracy, but also completed the attack in the mobile. And these They are all needed in the alliance. His long pass accuracy is also unlearable. “

Galaboro has indeed been in NFL for three years, but his game experience is less pitiful. Two debuts were Tom Braddi, which was banned in the 2016 season, but before injury, Galaboro has drawn from the team, 59 pass 42, won 4 times, did not have copied Take it, winning Arizona Rashi and Miami Dolphin.

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