What is Scaphoid Avascular Stenosis?

Scaphoid Avascular Stenosis /skaf-oid ey-vaskyuh-ler sti-nohsis/.

Avascular necrosis of the keel, also known as disease Preiser. Avascular necrosis (avascular stenosis) usually occurs in 15-30% of cases. The most common site of avascular necrosis is the proximal ulnar pole.

Patients often come to the clinic because of pain and difficulty moving the wrist that occurs after a long-term wrist injury.

X-ray imaging is usually a fracture with fracture fragments. MRI is more sensitive than conventional radiographs for diagnosis.

scaphoid avascular stenosis

scaphoid avascular stenosis

Upper image: Avascular necrosis of the clavicle after fracture. In the two images, a transverse isthmus fracture (yellow arrow) leads to increased attenuation of the proximal pole (white arrow) due to avascular necrosis of the bone. (source: http://learningradiology.com)


Avascular necrosis of scaphoid: http://learningradiology.com/archives06/COW%20229-AVN%20Scaphoid/avnscaphoidcorrect.html

Preiser’s Disease: https://www.orthobullets.com/hand/6051/preisers-disease-scaphoid-avn

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