What is Page RPM in Adsense? Is it important?

What is Page RPM in Adsense?

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Although I know that Google AdSense can’t help me make more money (because of relatively low traffic and low click-through rate), however I tried inserting 3 ad units from last week. If you are using ads AdSense on my blog you may have seen Page RPM in the report section. If you want to seriously make money with Google AdSense then you should learn about Page RPM (Page RPM).

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What is Page RPM?

Page RPM stands for Page Revenue Per Thousand Impressions, means page revenue per 1000 ad impressions.

How is Page RPM in AdSense calculated?

Page RPM = (Estimated earnings/Number of page views) x 1000 nice Page RPM = (Estimated Earnings/Page Views) x 1000

For example, if you have an estimated earnings of $0.15 for 25 views RPM of the page will be $6. It was formerly known as eCPM.

Does Page RPM affect your blog earnings?

To be honest, I’m not sure either, but according to a few admins in the group Google AdSense it will not affect income. No need to worry if you are Page RPM low because it completely depends on niche blog your.

However, in reality, every time Page RPM If your income increases, so will your revenue (?).

* Tip: If you want to increase your income AdSense yours and Page RPM, try with keywords that have CPC high. If you are writing niche blog then focus more on keywords that have a high conversion rate (converting keywords).

What do you think about Page RPM in AdSense? In your opinion, is it important? Please share with us your views and opinions using the comment box below.

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