What is a Quality Hosting?

What is a Quality Hosting?

For a website to work on the internet, it needs to have 3 main components: source code, domain and hosting.

According to Wikipedia, a domain (or domain name) is a string that identifies a self-regulating, authoritative, or controlled domain on the internet.

Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered on DNS is also called a domain name. To put it simply, a domain name is like your home address. Based on that, people can find your blog/website on the internet.

Web hosting (or hosting) is a space on a server where internet services such as TTP (www), FTP, mail or media streaming are installed.

You may contain website content and other data in that space. Web hosting is also the place where all transactions and information exchange between internet users and your website take place. And if a domain name is like a home address, and a website is like a house, then web hosting is the land for you to build it.

Choosing WordPress for your website

Back to the main issue. As we all know, if you choose WordPress.com, you will absolutely not have to worry about buying hosting and domain (with average usage needs and accepting free subdomains).

Things will be completely different if you choose WordPress.org. You will have to take care of everything, from domain to hosting. In return, you are free to decide its “fate”.

Choose Domain

With domains, you can use a free domain or buy a premium domain.

However, the current international domain price is quite cheap, only about $ 10 to $ 15 a year, so I recommend investing in this area. Some famous cheap domain registrars that you can refer to are GoDaddy, NameCheap…


Similar to domain, you also have 2 options with web hosting: free and paid.

With free hosting services, you hardly need to spend a dime. However, everything has a price, free services are often low quality and providers can lock your account, delete your data whenever they want without notice.

Therefore, a paid host is an option that you should think about when you have enough investment funds.

The Standard of a Quality Hosting for WordPress

As you know, WordPress is built on top of PHP and MySQL. So, for WordPress to work stably and have the best performance, the hosting you choose must meet certain standards. These standards are detailed by WordPress.org on their homepage.

  • PHP version 7.2 or higher.
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher, MariaDB version 10.0 or higher.
  • HTTPS support (preferably with Let’s Encrypt built-in).

You can check these parameters in your hosting’s cPanel dashboard:

Quality Hosting

WordPress also recommends using the Apache or Nginx web server. They are the most powerful and full-featured web hosts for running WordPress.

However, any web host with PHP and MySQL support can do it. Currently, servers using LiteSpeed ​​web server even outperform Apache and NginX.

In addition, when choosing quality Hosting services for WordPress (or more precisely, shared hosting), you should also consider the following issues:

  • Support free automatic data backup daily, at least weekly
  • Support mod_rewrite module to use “pretty permalinks” and install multisite
  • Support sending email through SMTP
  • Softaculous support for quick installation of popular open source codes
  • Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt) Support
  • Uptime is at least 99.9% according to the provider’s commitment
  • The more bandwidth the better, preferably unlimited
  • Storage capacity to suit your needs
  • Limit CPU usage as high as possible
  • Server location: as close to the access source as possible
  • 24/7 technical support, fast ticket response speed

And it is important to consult customer reviews about the service you are about to purchase. Consider carefully before purchasing services provided by individuals.

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Some quality hosting service providers

Depending on the source of access, you can choose to buy hosting with a server abroad or in the country to achieve the best access speed.

Below is a list of some domestic and international shared hosting service providers that you should refer to. They are selected based on criteria such as: stable quality, affordable price, good customer service.

Hopefully, through this article, you will somewhat understand more about hosting for WordPress and choose for yourself a satisfactory service to start building a blog/website.

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