Ways to celebrate New Years Eve

Ways to celebrate New Years Eve

  • Posted on Dec 28, 2016


FUN ways to celebrate New Years Eve with your kids!

– Eat lucky foods: Why not serve up dishes thought to bring good fortune? Try cornbread for gold, pomegranate for prosperity, and noodles for longevity, or black-eyed peas for good luck.

– Make predictions: Write everyone’s best guesses for the future year (“Sophia stars in the play this spring”). Pack them up with the decorations to giggle over next year.

– Remember big moments: Tape a long sheet of paper to a wall, mark off months, and jot down your family’s major milestones this past year.

– Throw a (small) bash: Invite your child’s best buddy (or three). Stave off snoozing with a mini dance party or a DIY activity every hour on the hour. Bust out the sparkling apple juice to toast to.

– Switch time zones: Not sure you all will last? Join the countdown in another city—say, New York or London—and celebrate when the clock strikes 12 over there.

Sarah Caudle,PA-C

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