Unit 8 – IELTS Writing task 2

Each task 2 question has a requirement and a topic. If the essay requirement shapes the way the article is written, the topic section determines the content. Once we have identified the topic of the lesson, we can choose the appropriate vocabulary for that topic to write sentences.

We can encapsulate the topics in Task 2 into the following 10 main categories:

– Health

– Environment

– Education

– Globalization

– Development

– Public Transport

– Crime

– Technology

– Government

– Employment

There may be smaller topics, but it’s also 1 of the 10 main topics here. So how do we build vocabulary for these topics?

  1. Read sample text:

The fastest way for you to get a sufficient and appropriate vocabulary for each topic is to read sample texts. Specifically, when reading sample texts, identify the main topic of the text you are reading, then find the words that belong to this topic and underline them. Often the words “unique” of each topic will be nouns, so pay special attention to this word form.

  1. Read the paper:

The principle is the same as above, but you will have less chance of finding words to learn. The simple reason is that the vocabulary of the newspaper is a bit vast, and in the sample text, we can almost use any words that we have written in. However, newspapers and magazines are still the standard of language we want to aim for.

  1. Watch Ted Talks:

If you haven’t noticed, the topics above are all social topics. And for social topics, it’s hard to find a better reference source than Ted Talks. As the speakers speak, you should take note of words specific to the subject they are talking about. Again, note the noun.

In addition, to help you study better for the IELTS FIighter exam, there will be many articles to share with many different topics. Thereby, for each topic, there will be similarities and differences as well as the vocabulary-grammar system of different levels. This will help you to conquer IELTS Writing task 2 with the highest possible score.

Wish you achieve the desired IELTS score and success in life!

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