Unit 8: Best tips for IELTS Reading – Practice reading online

Hi Guys,

My name is Quynh Bella, today I will share with IELTS Fighter warriors tips that you can improve and improve your IELTS reading band score.

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Reading skill not only requires you not only good vocabulary knowledge but also fast and accurate. IELTS Reading is usually a test with a lot of traps, many of you are easy to make mistakes. So how can you score high in the IELTS Reading test?

Watch the detailed video tutorial below:

Let’s refer to the good tips for IELTS Reading below.

1. Extreme words

These are words that indicate totality, or uniqueness, such as: All, every, only

You should pay attention to the extreme words, but the sentence uses extreme words in the reading form True, False, Not Given The answer is usually wrong. However, it is still necessary to use the skill Skins and Scan Please re-read the post for a moment.

For example:

The building company Hong Kong Housing is building a new suburb in Shanghai, a city with a population of more than 15 million people. But this suburb is not like other parts of Shanghai. It is a little piece of England. The name of the new area is “English Town”. The manager of Hong Kong Housing, Shi Guangsheng, says many people in this area of ​​China want to buy an English house and live in an English town.

This town is like Bristol or Chester. There is an English square and there are pigeons to feed like in Trafalgar Square, London. There are four English-style put and you can buy English beer to drink. There is a canal and you can row a boat there like in Cambridge.

1. “English Town” is in a Chinese city BILLION

2. These houses are only for English people to buy F

3. There are pigeons in all the square F

2. Paraphrase
Skill paraphrase The most commonly used is synonym ie synonyms. People often use another way to rewrite sentences in the same way.

With this reading comprehension skill, you need to cultivate a rich vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, .. to be able to understand the paraphrases in the reading passages and questions.

For example :

About 1900

=> The early years of the twentieth century

Knowledge is basic

=> Our understand is fundamental

So with these 2 test tips in this IELTS Reading section, hopefully IELTS warriors can apply test-taking strategies faster and more accurately. Watch and look forward to the next videos shared by IELTS fighter.

Wish you all good study! See you soon ^^

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