Unit 7: Task 1 IELTS Writing

With the experience of marking it can be said that … “many” of IELTS Writing articles, one of the most basic mistakes that people with low Writing scores often make is: choose the wrong object to describe in Task 1.

Indeed, before you insert descriptive words like increase / decrease / stay the same / fluctuate/, you have chosen the wrong subjects to attach these words. A typical example is the following:

Many of you wrote the following:

From 1995 to 2010, art gallery decrease…

Is this spelling familiar to you? The problem is, the verb is decrease (decrease), but subject art gallery cannot be increased or decreased. In Vietnamese we also don’t say cũng Museum increase or decrease right? So here, which noun would be more appropriate?

If we pay attention to the title of this chart, we can see the lines here represent percentage of tourists (tourists). And this is what can rise and fall, stand still or fluctuate.

You notice, when describing a change in quantity, we have to “reduce” all the subjects to a noun that is directly related to the quantity.Let’s look at the following example:

We see Female’s management and professional is smaller than Male’s. However, we cannot write:

managerial and professional of female is smaller than that of male…

There are 2 reasons:

  • cluster “managerial and professional” is not a noun, so the above spelling is grammatically incorrect
  • similar to the above, this is not a subject directly related to quantity, so it cannot be accompanied by words like “smaller”.

Instead, the subject here should be the percentage of females … , because percentage is an object that deals with numbers, and so you can make comparisons.

When reading Task 1, you can immediately identify what the object we need to describe and compare is, because it is usually a noun right after the word. show. For example, you read the following topic:

The graph below shows the population change between 1940 and 2000 in three different counties in the US state of Oregon.

In the above topic, the object will be population. In the article, you can use this noun as the subject, or paraphrase it with the phrase “the number of people”. In all Task 1 exercises, you can change the description object to “the number of…” or “the amount of …”.

Good luck with your studies and get high results in the IELTS exam!

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