Unit 6: Writing task 2

After taking care of 2 really complete ideas in the body of the post, many of you bite the “pumpkin” seed when you don’t know how much to summarize.elite” How to write the above. You may be a bit disappointed (or happy) because “out of play”, but really you only need 1 sentence correct. IELTS Fighter Learn how to end the lesson through the lesson below.

Writing task 2 - Concluding phrases

1. Opinions:

After arguing in the body of the article, you just need to conclude: For the above reasons, I believe …

There are many ways to say the above sentence; Here are a few easy ways to use them:

For the above reasons (reasons above also), I believe that … For the aforementioned reasons, I believe that …

You can also replace “reasons” with “arguments” to … change the wind a bit. Practicing writing dozens of Opinion songs with the same reasons is so boring!

2. Discussion (+ Opinion)

If there was only Discussion, you would write: In short, there are many valid reasons for and against…

“In conclusion, there are many good reasons both for and against + [việc gì đấy, ví dụ: smoking chẳng hạn]”

Instead of “In conclusion“, you can also use “To conclude” or “To sum up

Of course above you can completely change “reasons” equal “arguments

If the topic requires more Opinion, just add the phrase: “but I believe that…” and write down the opinion you support.

3. Problems + Solutions

If you want a P + S combination, your strongest point is: There are many causes for A, and solutions need to be taken to correct/relieve this problem.

“In conclusion, there are many causes for A, and measures need to be taken to tackle this problem”

You can change”in conclusion” by the two phrases mentioned above.

4. Two part questions

This type of ending is both difficult and easy. Easy in method, difficult in implementation. To summarize the 2 part questions, you only need to answer the 2 questions 1 more time. However, you already did this in the introduction, so when you write the conclusion, you have to paraphrase the introduction. Don’t worry, as long as you can write an introduction in two ways, you have an ending!

Let’s take an example of a topic we did:

Technology has radically derived personal relationships in many ways, and this trend is both positive and negative.

You can rewrite the above 2 ideas with some very easy steps. For example, you can invert the subject:

In conclusion, personal relationships have been affected by the progression of technology in various ways, and this has led to both positive and negative consequences.

You’ll notice that I reversed personal relationships first and technology later. However, I did not leave the middle part intact. When inverting like that, I thought of a new sentence by myself to avoid repeating words and structures. The next sentence is similar, instead of saying “this trend is both good and bad”, one can say another “good and bad”, which is “this has led to both good and bad consequences”. both bad”.

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