Unit 5 – Writing task 1

There is a very important part that is very easy to write in IELTS Writing Task 1 that many of you take the test or skip, which is the general comment section. In the correct order, the first task when writing Task 1 is to paraphrase the topic, and before going into describing the details of the picture, you must write a summary of about 1-2 sentences. You should never write more than 2 sentences to summarize, because if you write more, you are writing too specific.

So what do you need to write in the general comment section? Simply what caught your eye first. However, our eyes are not all the same. The details that you immediately notice may not be noticed by others. So, a good rule to apply to all Task 1 assignments is: comment on the overall trend and/or comment order.

With this general comment section, you should have a sample sentence to start with. The most common, easy and effective sentence pattern is:

It is immediately obvious that… = It is immediately obvious that…

There are also other spellings such as: It can be seen that…, it is transparent that…, etc. You will notice that ways like “I can see” or “we can see” are not mentioned. In Task 1 as well as in Task 2, we always try to avoid using personal pronouns (I, you, we, they, he, she), as these reduce the formality of the sentence. .

You can also add the following phrase at the beginning of the sentence:

Looking at the graph/chart/diagram/picture…

Plus the sentence pattern above, we have a sentence like “Looking at the graph, we have…” which is quite similar in math. This is an easy-to-remember sentence pattern that every test-taker should understand and memorize to do the test fluently and effectively.

A. Look in order

xample 1 - ielts writing task 1 - write a general introduction sentence in task 1

With multi-line or object charts like the one above, ask yourself: which is the largest or has the highest proportion? So, with the graph above you could write:

Looking at the graph, it is immediately obvious that people in Germany spend the most money on books out of the four countries.

B. Looking at the general trend

ielts test preparation - ielts writing task 1 - xample 2 write general comments

With a few subjects (1-2 subjects) or no clear order, you should comment on the overall trend of all subjects. Although in the image above, the order of the lines has changed, but in general, the trend of the lines is up, because the end point is higher than the starting point. You can write:

Looking at the graph, it is immediately obvious that all three countries experience an increase in the number of people aged 65 years and over.

C. General comments on the process (Process)

So what about non-numbered and trending articles like Process? For the Process problems, you will write a general sentence that groups the steps into groups main stage: start with what and end with what? For example, study the following topic:

ielts test preparation - ielts writing task 1 - xample 3 general comments in task 1

The above diagram can be divided into many steps, however, we can divide it into main stages as follows:

  • Start: use limestone and clay to create cement
  • End: use cement and other materials to create concrete

After writing the opening sentence: The diagram shows…, we can add the general comment right after it without having to go to a new sentence:

The diagram shows…, beginning with transforming limestone and clay into cement and finally adding that to a combination of other materials to produce concrete.

D. General comments Maps

ielts test preparation - ielts writing task 1 - xample 4 write shared sentences in task 1

Please rely on the characteristics of the map to comment on it. All maps show the change of a certain place over the years, and this change often revolves around the addition and loss of structures (buildings, roads, …). The map above is a difficult problem of this already difficult type. However, you can see the change of this map happening in two ways: the appearance of roads and the appearance of new buildings. If you pay closer attention, new buildings appear only after the roads are built. So you can write:

Looking at the picture, it can be seen that more buildings emerge in the village following the construction of different types of roads.

You can see more IELTS Fighter students who have been trying their best during the past time to have more motivation:

Wish you all good study!

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