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Unit 5: Task 1 IELTS Writing

Paraphrasing is a crucial skill in IELTS Writing, and its most common application is to rewrite problems. However, this operation seems easier to do in Task 1 than in Task 2, because we can easily divide Task 1 into different parts with familiar paraphrases. The easiest part in Task 1 to paraphrase is the word show. 99.99% (actually 100%) of Task 1 questions have the following format:

[Bảng] hey [cho thấy] [dữ liệu] [của năm nào/ ở đâu/…]

With the word [cho thấy], frequently used topics show or give information about. We don’t want to rewrite these words. Instead, you should have some words that have the same meaning as “point out, show, show…” to replace these words.

In the chart/table post, you can use any of the following words to replace [cho thấy] of the topic:






provide/ present data about

You do not need to know all the words above, only 2-3 words are enough, because in Task 1, you are given 2 graphs at most, so at most you have to paraphrase 2 words. [cho thấy].

However, with Post Process (process) or Maps (chart), you need to choose a little more carefully. With these two types of topics, you should use one of the following words:




Because the characteristics of the two articles Process and Maps are no, or do not focus on numbers or data, we should avoid using words like exhibit or provide/present data about. Instead, the information in these two articles is images, so the words mean “illustration” The above would be more appropriate.

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