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Unit 4: Tactics for homework Matching features

Today’s lecture will share with you the skills of making Matching feature- Matching features in IELTS reading. Please review the old lesson in the IELTS reading learning roadmap!

Matching features – Strategies to do the test Matching features- Matching features - IELTS Reading exam preparation

Format The post format will look like this:

Questions 34-40

Look at the following statements (Questions 34-40) and the list of countries below.

Match each statement with the correct country, AJ.

Write the correct letter, AJ, in boxes 34-40 on your answer sheet.
NB You may use any letter more than once.

A. George Stephenson

B. Richard Trevithick

C. Archimedes

D. James Watt

E. the Corinthians

F. John Fitch

And you have to match them to items in the text:

1. was responsible for building a life size steam locomotive

2. legally protected the design of the working model of the steam locomotive

3. create a small scale replica of a steam locomotive

4. was defeated by the limitations of the raw materials available to him

5. understand the potential of steam locomotives to transport people

6. used steam as a form of propulsion

7. discovered how to use steam engines in the manufacturing industry

8. used animals and not steam to power a form of railway

Tips for homework

  1. Be contextual – do not match (word match)

You learn the following examples:

The first step was the design of a working model of a steam locomotive by John Fitch in the United States in 1794

You can infer that the above sentence can connect John Fitch to answer number 2. You can see: “the design of the working model of the steam locomotive” and “legally protected the design of the working model of the steam locomotive” “There seem to be many similar words. However, there is no information that indicates that Fitch legally protected the whole design.

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  1. Look for synonyms – Don’t match words

Another piece of advice is to look for synonyms instead of the exact word in the question.

Let’s study the following example!

Question 8: used animals and not steam to power a form of railway

Searching for the word “animals” will not work because in the text it will not appear that word but will be:

“The Corinthians did not consider using steam to power this prototype of the railway but instead used horses and oxen“.

  1. The questions do not follow the order of the passage

This is one of the difficult questions because the order of the questions is not in the order of the passage. so you will have to read the text over and over again to find the answer – scanning skills are very important in this section.

Tactics for homework

  1. Focus on names (names), dates (dates); places
  2. Scan the passage to find the names and underline the passage when the names appear
  3. Read the question
  4. Read the passage carefully and find synonyms
  5. Underline the sentences that contain the answer;
  6. Tick ​​the passage, for example “?4” if you are not sure of the answer;
  7. Tick ​​”4” if you are sure of the answer and cross it out on the question paper.

Above is a lesson on Matching features – Matching features. You learn more lessons:


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