Unit 20: True/False/Not given practice – Health topic – Online reading test preparation

Repeat: To better understand how to do the T/F/NG test, please re-study the lesson carefully Unit 6: Reading as True False Not Given and Unit 13: Practice True/ False/Not given or Yes/ No/Not given will help you understand the T/F/NG form, then practice this form according to the Health theme below!

1. Remember to underline key words and define:

  • True: the content mentioned is consistent with the article
  • False: the content is opposite to the information in the paragraph
  • Not given: did not mention or mentioned key words but not enough conclusive information

2. Answers and analysis:


Underline: small businesses/ fail/ initial two years

→ Paragraph 1 mentions “small businesses” (line 5) line 6: “one in three fails in the first two years”

  1. EASY

Underline: small business/ have an edge over/ large business

→ Paragraph 2, line 4: “it’s difficult for small businesses…” → line 5 “Instead, small businesses…offer customers personalized service and specialized products…that can be more difficult to find in a large chain store


Underline: how long/ start earning a profit

Paragraph 4 5 mentions profit → line 4 paragraph 5: “a small business takes one to two years to become profitable

3. Vocabulary in the lesson

  • profitable (a) profitable
  • have an edge over has an advantage
  • initial(a) first
  • potential (a) potential
  • compete (v) compete

Wish you all the best in your studies and achieve a very high IELTS reading score! See you in the next lesson.

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