Unit 19: Short answer questions – Practice reading online

Short answer questions are not too difficult in IELTS Reading. Therefore, just knowing the method of doing and understanding the content, it is easy to find the answer, similar to the Completion form, so candidates try to limit mistakes in this part.

You review the old lesson:

#first. Steps Short answer questions

Step 1: Read the word count request

Step 2: Read and determine the type of information to find based on the type of question. Pay attention to the type of words that need to be answered. Underline the key words in the question to identify the passage containing the answer

Step 3: Read and find the area containing the key words in the article. Read slowly and pay attention to paraphrases and information to be answered.

Step 4: Determine the answer so that it fits the word limit (determine the type of word needed for the answer, which word is the main answer)

Note: The order of the questions is also the order of the reading!

#2. Practice:


6) Underline: age/ female/ breeding (need to find information about age and breeding) → 1st paragraph, line 3 “female can breed when she is just five months old” → 5 months old

7) Underline: how long/ young/ inside mother’s pouch → need to find 1 time period → 1st paragraph, last 3 lines “mother carries her young… in her pouch about 15 weeks” → 15 weeks

8) Underline: food source/ value/ Yapa people → Notice apart from (apart from this one), so in the article will state 2 values ​​of malas, 1 is the food source, the other is a parallel element

→ 2nd paragraph, line 2: “ …discuss this with the leaders of Yapa people. Traditionally, the mala had been an important animal in their culture with strong medical powers for old people. It had also been an important food source…” → (strong) medical powers

9) Underline: Yapa’s lasting contribution/ reintroduction program → 2nd paragraph, last 2 lines: “…reintroduction programme. The skills and knowledge of the Yapa would play a significant and enduring role in this and all other mala projects” → skills and knowdege

Hopefully with all of the above sharing will help you have the skills to do Short answer questions in IELTS reading in the most effective and fastest way! Wish you all good study!

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