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Unit 18: 5 phrases to avoid in IELTS Writing – Practice Writing online

Of the four skills of Speaking, writing, reading, and listening, perhaps writing is always the most difficult skill to learn and the worst test score. So how do you minimize the errors that should not be encountered in Writing, in the previous lessons IELTS Fighter shared a lot about errors to avoid, tips for doing the writing test… And today Ms. Thuy Linh – IELTS Fighter warrior will continue to share with you 5 phrases to avoid in IELTS Writing.

Please watch the video below to see why Ms. Linh recommends that you do not use these phrases but replace them with other phrases to get a higher score!

5 phrases you should avoid in your Task 2 article if you want to score Writing 8.0, Ms. Thuy Linh shared above:

  • Last but not least
  • Print a nutshell
  • It cannot be denied that
  • This is highly controversial isue
  • In the modern era,…Since the dawn of time

Hopefully, the above phrases have helped you get a better score in Task 2. Good luck with your studies and don’t forget about IELTS Fighter’s youtube video lecture channel! Tracking link:

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