Unit 17: {Task 2]- Giving Examples – Writing online exam preparation

Ms. Thuy Dung continues to come back to us in the lesson [IELTS Writing Task 2] – Giving Examples – How to give examples. So let’s get into today’s lesson!

You can re-learn the previous writing lesson:

Watch the lesson in detail in the video below:

For IELTS writing Task 2, we can give an example in the article, it will be highly appreciated, because we go into depth and analyze and evaluate the given problem, so Ms. Thuy Dung will share it with everyone. How can people put the best examples in their writing best.

Method 1: Such as/specific

Let’s go into an omen of food and health!

“ Consuming an excessive amount fast food can trigger serious healty issuses like obesity or heart diseases”

Note: “Like” will be used for spoken language instead you will use “such as” and “namely” + N to give an example. This is the first very simple way that Thuy Dung shares with you.

Method 2. …Among which…

This way will be more difficult, using a relative clause will help you get a lot of points in IELTS writing task 2.

Consuming an excessive amount of fast food can trigger serious healty issuses among which obesity and heart diseases are tybical examples.

Method 3: For example/ For instance/ To give a clear example/ as an example/ to inllustrate/ as an illustration.

This way, Ms. Thuy Dung shares quite well and in detail in the lesson video, you should watch carefully and follow along.

Method 4: X is considered a typical examples of

This is the last way that we separate the example into a separate sentence.

Hopefully with 4 effective ways to put examples in the IELTS writing Task 2 test, we have helped our warriors equip with the best weapons to complete the IELTS test with a high score!

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