Unit 17: Matching Information – Topic Social networks – Online reading test preparation

Continuing the series of articles on the Matching Information format, you can review how to do the test and practice below with the topic Social networks, which is a topic that often appears in the IELTS reading test. You can review the previous lesson Unit 16: Understanding the form of Matching Information – Matching the two sides together

1. How to do:

=> Step 1: Read and underline key words from the given questions. Try to grasp the information you need

Note: In the types of matching posts, key words can only help readers easily identify the area containing the answer, not a decisive factor in finding the solution because the information is expressed in a different way. .

=> Step 2: Skim each paragraph, after each paragraph, check the list of questions to see if there is any information or key words mentioned in the article. If yes, read the details again and if appropriate, write down the answer.


Sometimes, you can still find the same word in the passage, but it is not certain that it is the answer, until you check the matching information.

This is a form of information search, so there is no need to find the main content of the paragraph, so the reader does not need to read to summarize the main content.

There are some passages that don’t contain any information, so if you can’t find them, please continue calmly

2. Practice

Answers and analysis

C, underlined reasons/ pursuit contacts → “allow people to expand their social reach both personally and professionally… to stay in contact with friends and relatives and reconnect with old friends… provide opportunities for people to connect with strangers”

EASY underlined negative consequences → “concerns are growing about online social networking”, “less time together” “potential risks”

REMOVE underlined amount of time/ interacting on social networking sites → “22 percent of all time spent online is spent on these sites” “Italians spend avarage of six and a half hours per month per person on social networking sites” …

A, underlined social networking trend/ big → “the phenomenon of social networking on the Internet explode

3. Vocabulary on the topic of social networking

  • community (n) community
  • consequences (n) consequences
  • undergo (n) go through
  • carry out (v) proceed
  • eradicate (v) delete
  • adolescent (n) youth

Above is the lesson Unit 17: Matching Information – Topic Social networks, IELTS Fighter hopes to help you to be confident with the Matching Information format! If you have any questions during the study, don’t forget to comment below the article ^^

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