Unit 16: “Brainwashing” vocabulary in IELTS Writing Task 2 – Online Writing test preparation

Welcome back the IELTS warriors to the online lesson of IELTS fighter. And today we will continue to return to Ms. Thuy Dung with an extremely interesting lesson “Brainwashing” vocabulary in IELTS writing Task 2.

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5 VOCABULARYS should not be used at all in IELTS writing Task 2

1. First and foremost/ Last but not least

Many people think that the word “frist” is very simple, so they often think that the longer and more dangerous the sentences look, the more impressive they will be. So many of you change first to the whole cluster “first and foremost” Similarly, you will come up with the phrase “Last but not least”.

However, the examiner in the IELTS exam commented that “first and foremost” and “Last but not least” will not be suitable for IELTS writing academic instead, you can simply use “first” “firstly” and “last”, “lastly”

2. Good

“Good” A very common word in English but “good” considered as a word that should be brainwashed because this word has a general meaning that is not suitable in witing task 2.

In the video lecture, Ms. Ngoc gave an example so that you can find yourself better alternatives to “good”.

3. Bad

Opposite to “Good” then we have “bad” is a word with a general meaning and you should not use it for your IELTS writing test.

4. Moreover, Besides…

These are two words that native speakers rarely use in academic writing, so you also need to brainwash these two words, which you can use instead.

Moreoverè More

Besidesè In addition / Plus

5. In a nutshell, To put in a nutshell…

Here are 2 phrases “infomal” That’s why we shouldn’t use it in a concluding sentence. è you should use “In conclusion”

The above are very important phrases that every article we need in IELTS writing task 2, but hope that you should know which words you use in the most reasonable and safest way to get a high score, ” brain” inappropriate phrases. See you in the next lesson from the teachers of IELTS fighter!

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