Unit 15: Writing Task 1 – 5 Common Mistakes – Online Writing Exam Preparation

Hello IELTS fighter ^.^

Today we will learn about Writing with a very cute teacher from IELTS fighter that is Ms. Thuy Dung. In this writing lesson we will learn together about 5 mistakes that you often make in IELTS writing Task 1 But it’s completely avoidable.

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So we will start with the lesson 5 mistakes and how to avoid this mistake in IELTS writing task 1!

#Article 1: Do not copy the topic

Time for IELTS writing Task 1 you should only spend 15-20 minutes to complete your article, with a short time it is likely that Introductions will rewrite to save time. If that happens, your article will be “deducted”.

With a topic like this”“The graph shows the average number of UK commuters traveling each day by car, bus or train between 1970 and 2013” Ms. Thuy Dung will guide you how to paraphrase effectively without taking much time.

#Article 2: Write an Overview

After Introductions we will continue with the Overview paragraph (overview) to choose the main feature in the chart for us to write and not give specific data!.

#Article 3: Correct conjugation of verbs.

In the table of IELTS writing we will easily see data shown in both past and future years so you really pay attention while conjugating the correct verb tenses.

#Article 4: Use the words “approximately”

When the chart does not give specific data, we will not give specific numbers ourselves in the article, but instead use words to express “approximately” such as: about, approximately, roughly, more than, nearly , just under.

#Article 5: Do not include inferences.

We do not put our inferences and speculations into the article without showing it in tables or charts, but merely reporting data.

So, Ms. Thuy Dung from IELTS fighter shared with you 5 mistakes and how to fix them most often in IELTS writing Task 1. I’m sure that after this lesson, you will draw experience for yourself. and do better and more effectively on Task 1.

Wish you all the best in your studies to conquer the high IELTS score!

Ms Thuy Dung – IELTS fighter <3

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