Unit 14 – Writing task 2

In Task 2, because the topics are often related to social topics, we often have to use expressions like: A allows B to happen, A facilitates B, A promotes B … in general are the expressions used in the big news or used in the news. You can write “vey” in the style:

A makes B possible

A helps B do something

But in IELTS, we always want to use the most precise words. Don’t worry, most of the verbs below you’ve seen before!

A. Make what is possible

Instead of saying that A makes B possible, you can use the following short verb:


Surely anyone who uses the network will see this word in the right corner of the Windows screen, right? When A enables B, it means that A creates conditions for B to happen, or for B to do something.

For example:

The government creates conditions for people to buy houses:

The government should do its best to enable citizens to buy houses.

Going to college allowed me to get a job:

=> Studying at a university enables me to get a job.

Computers make it easier for people to communicate

=> Computers enable people to contact each other more easily.

B. Make something happen faster

If you want to say specifically that A helps B happen “more smoothly”, more fluently, faster, … you can use one of the following two words:


The word “quick” is probably familiar to you, right? If you want to turn it into a verb (to speed up/to push), just add “en” to the end of the word.

So with what words do we use these 2 verbs? Obviously you will do the “long, slow” things quickly, right? We immediately think of a group of words related to “process” or “development”.

For example:

The invention of the telephone spurred the development of communication.

=> The invention of cell phone expedites the development of communication

A language degree accelerates the job search process.

=> Language qualifications quicken the process of finding a job.

So, as you can see, with just the 3 words above (enable, expedite, quicken), we can say a lot of “smart” thesis statements, correctly express “make possible” but not lighter and more precise. Please practice inserting these words into the article!

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