Top 8 interesting IELTS topic PERSONALITY vocabulary

Personality” is a vocabulary topic that will appear in the IELTS test, especially IELTS Speaking Part 2 for questions that require describing people.

For example: Describe a person who is beautiful or handsome; Describe a teenager that you know; Describe an interesting person;….

Instead of using simple words like “funny”, “nice”, “cool”, .. to describe personality, in this lesson we will learn together some vocabulary to describe complex personalities. a little more complicated!

Hope the vocabulary will help you a lot in your test. You can learn more good vocabulary according to 15 topics Another popular IELTS Fighter has introduced too!

1. Distinguish between “Character” and “Personality”



Define: The nature and inner qualities, after a period of contact and understanding, can’t be “fake”

For example:

  • honest: sincere
  • loyal: loyal
  • kind: kind
  • virtue: virtue

Define:Personality, appearance, easy to see, easy to guess when meeting a person, can be “fake”

For example:

  • funny: funny
  • extroverted: extroverted
  • optimistic: optimistic
  • confident: confident
  • lazy: lazy
  • shy: shy, shy
  • too serious: to take matters seriously

Practice 1: Fill in the blanks with the word “personality” or “character”.

a. She’s always the life and soul of the party because she has such a bubbly_____

b. I don’t believe he said that; it would be really out of ____

c. I didn’t get along with my business partner because our ____ clashed.

d. Self-confidence and self-reliance are the mainstays of a strong ____.

2. Adjectives that describe personality

New words



self-absorbed (adj)

  • Henry is so self-absorbed it’s a miracle anyone bothers with him at all.

Only care about their own interests

selfish (adj)

self-reliant (adj)

  • Lone parents have to be self-reliant, resilient and inventive

independent, not dependent on anyone else

independent (adj)



  • He’s always been self-conscious about being so short.

worry or shame about something about yourself (usually your appearance) or what others think about yourself

insecure (adj)

well-behaved (adj)

  • The children are well-behaved and keen to learn.

know how to behave

well-mannered (adj)

well-dressed (adj)

  • He walked into the party with a beautiful well-dressed blonde on his arm.

know how to dress, dress well, fashion

fashionable (adj)

well-informed (adj)

  • Most people are not very well-informed about the disease.

have knowledge in a certain field

knowledgeable (adj)

Practice 2: Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives

a. I was too ___ to notice how unhappy she was.

b. My parents raised me to be ___, not to depend on anyone.

c. Jane’s pretty ___ about her weight.

d. He is an obedient and ____ child.

e. I was sitting next to an elegant, ___ woman.

f. Mary is ___ about the stock market.

Here are the IELTS Vocabulary or topic Personality, please record and apply for your test, especially Speaking. Wish you all good study.

Besides this vocabulary, you can refer to more documents 3000 common words in English tiếng If you are just starting out! Wish you all good study!


Practice 1:

a. personality

b. character

c. personality

d. character

Practice 2:

a. self-absorbed

b. self-reliant

c. self-conscious

d. well-behaved

e. well-dressed

f. well-informed

Good luck with your studies! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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