Top 20 Great Grammar for Great Writing

For English learners, especially academic English like IELTS, Grammar plays a very important role. It will be the foundation, the premise to help you set foot on the journey to conquer the 4 skills in the test. Therefore, with my students, I always advise them to solidify their grammar foundation first.

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Besides some famous grammar books like English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy, or Grammar for IELTS by Collins, I would like to introduce to you a very good and easy grammar book to learn, which is Top 20 Great Grammar for Great Writing

Top 20 Great Grammar for Great Writing is a basic English grammar study material with exercises. This English learning material will help you consolidate your grammar knowledge to develop more fluent English writing skills. Compilation books 20 English grammar problems that writers need and must know to write English well.

In each lesson, the authors focus on highlighting the difference between the language students use daily and standard English, thereby training them to detect and correct common grammatical errors in the lesson. write his own.

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The 20 grammar problems covered in the book include:

1. Nouns;

2. Articles: a, an, the;

3. Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives;

4. Verb Tense;

5. Problems with Verb Tenses

6. Subject – Verb Agreement;

7. Prepositions;

8. Word Forms;

9. Modals: Present, Past, Future;

10. Gerunds and Infinitives;

11. Passive Voice and Participal Adjectives;

12. Conditionals;

13. Word Order and Word Combination;

14. Adjectives Clauses and Reductions;

15. Adverb Clauses and Reductions;

16. Noun Clauses;

17. Better Sentence: Variety, Fragments;

18. Run-ons and Comma Splices;

19. Confusing Words and Structures and summary.

20. Parallel Structures

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