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Top 11 most accurate ways to find videos on Youtube

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Are you looking for good, quality videos on Youtube to watch or not? Do you know how to search to get the results you want? If not, please refer to the instructions in the content below


Youtube is currently an extremely rich video treasure with almost all hot or not hot topics today

And of course, when you have a need to watch videos, Youtube will be the first choice. At that time, in your mind, you will think about which video to watch and what topic to watch

Then start searching for videos according to your interests and viewing needs. But what is the most accurate way to search for specific Youtube videos, let’s refer to the next part.

search videos on youtube
How to find specific videos on Youtube?


2.1 Searching for movies on Youtube

Movies are also a type of video on Youtube, and users’ demand for watching movies on Youtube is also extremely high. If you want to find a movie on Youtube, search with the following method:

– Movie name, movie

find youtube movies
If you want to find movies on Youtube, then search with the above syntax

2.2 HD video search

If you are looking to watch high-quality videos to meet your needs, you can absolutely find HD videos with 1 of 2 syntax as follows:

– Video name, hd

– Video name, 4k

Find hd videos on youtube
If you want to watch hd videos, there’s still a way to search

2.3 Find 3d videos

In fact, there are not many 3d videos on Youtube currently, but not without videos belonging to this format. The search syntax is as follows:

– Video name, 3d

find 3d youtube videos
3D videos are not many but not unheard of on Youtube
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2.4 Find live streaming video

Youtube is also the platform where a lot of live videos appear, and of course, if you want to find live videos like this, the syntax will be as follows:

– Video name, live

find live videos on youtube
Video is a powerful development platform for videos

2.5 Searching for playlists on Youtube

Currently, on Youtube, videos with the same topic and same channel can be grouped into a cluster and form a playlist, also known as a playlist. And if you want to search for these playlists, search with the following syntax:

– Theme name, playlist

find playlists on youtube
If you search by playlist, the returned results will be playlists

2.6 Find short, long videos

YouTube also divides videos into 2 types, including short videos and long videos. Short and long here is the length of the video, depending on the length of the video, they are classified into one of two groups as short or long. 2 search syntax as follows:

– Short video: Title name, short

– Long video: Subject name, long

find short and long videos on youtube
If you search for long videos, the search results will be long videos

2.7 Accurate search for videos on Youtube

When you don’t care about other factors, just want to search for exactly one video, the syntax will be as follows:

– “Key word”

find exact video on youtube
When you want to find the exact same video, put the keyword in quotes

2.8 Timed video search

If you want to search for Youtube videos with specific dates, there is still a way to search. And the syntax is as follows:

– Keyword +year

find youtube videos by year
You can completely filter videos based on when the video was posted

2.9 Video search excludes time

Syntax: Keyword –year

find the video that excludes the year
You can exclude the timing of the displayed results

2.10 Filter multiple conditions

In addition to the above syntax to find Youtube videos, if you are quick-witted, you may discover that you can completely combine the syntaxes together to filter the results.

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Example: Keyword, short, 3d

Now the result will be a short video with keywords and in 3d format

find video filter conditions
You can also filter search results by condition

2.11 Find Youtube channel

Don’t want to find videos by keyword, by topic anymore, you want to find a specific Youtube channel. The syntax is as follows:

– Channel name, channel

search youtube channel
If you search by Youtube channel, the returned result will be a list of channels


Part 2 is the quick search syntax, but if you have no idea about the search with the syntax, you can use the built-in filter as follows:

+ Step 1: Click keywords in the search box, press Search

+ Step 2: At the results page, click Filter

video search
Please follow the instructions as directed

+ Step 3: Choose the filter of your choice. For example, here I choose video duration

search on youtube
You can absolutely use any filter you want

And you will get the results you want

search youtube
Youtube will filter for you the most suitable videos, and under 4 minutes in length

Above is the guide to searching for videos on Youtube using the syntax, and filters on Youtube, you can refer to it.

Wish success ! ! !



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