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1. How to hide and show Boot partition on Anhdv Boot 2020

First, let’s talk about the USB problem on Windows first. From Windows 10 Version 1703 onwards, Microsoft allows displaying multiple USB partitions at the same time (previously only allowing USB to display 1 partition). So, don’t wonder why plugging USB into Windows 7 machine only shows 1 partition.

In the 1-click version 2020 I left the USB-BOOT partition hidden on Windows 10 from 1703 and above.

And in Windows 7, 8.1 or windows 10 from 1607 and below, when the boot is finished, the USB-BOOT partition will appear. If you want to show the usb-data partition, use bootice in section Tools Anhdv boot 2020 folder after extracting. See the attached image in the Tools section or instructions below.

show partition usb-data

If there is an error showing the USB-Boot partition, there are 2 ways to fix it, the first is to use the 1-click tool Anhdv Boot 2020:

fix BOOT . partition display

Choose 5 to fix the error, then unplug the USB and plug it back in to check. If still not hidden then enter WOMEN (see first picture).

The way to hide the 2nd Boot partition is to use Bootice software (in the Tool folder Anhdv Boot 2020). Choose card Physical disk > Parts Manage

hide the USB-BOOT . partition

Figure 3: USB shows up properly when USB-BOOT is hidden

Looks like the USB display is correct, you notice the USB-DATA will be on the line above (0). When I select USB-BOOT and click Set Accessible, the USB-BOOT partition will appear (unplug the USB and plug it back in).


Figure 4: USB shows wrong when USB-BOOT shows up

If you want to hide the USB-BOOT partition again, select USB-DATA and then click Set Accessible. The USB will return to the state as shown in Figure 3.

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How to run Win8PE Lite on Anhdv Boot 2020

Win8PE Lite is the new PE version in the WinPE Anhdv Boot family. 8PE Lite is used for weak configuration machines or other very slow PE loads. You just think of 8PE Lite as Mini XP but the interface is more beautiful.

Win8PE Lite has the advantage of extremely fast loading (with 17MB), but the disadvantage is that it only runs when the BOOT partition appears. And when entering Win8PE Lite, only the USB-BOOT partition appears, the USB-DATA partition will be hidden.

In short: Run 1 click to show USB or use Bootice, set up as shown in Figure 4 above. the USB-BOOT partition will show up above the USB-DATA partition. Need to hide USB-BOOT on Windows 10, then click USB-BOOT and select Remove Drive Letter.

How to run the new Teamviewer on Win8PE 32 bit Anhdv Boot 2020

Win8PE 32 bit Anhdv Boot 2020 has the latest Teamviewer support. However, you need to manually switch User to Administrator

How to run the new Teamviewer on Win8PE

How to fix the error that some machines do not display the USB UEFI menu?

If you encounter a computer that does not show the UEFI Boot Menu even though the machine supports it (such as the mainboard Chipset Q67, H81, B85 …). Then just show the BOOT partition, ie set up as shown in Figure 4 above.

Fix Linux error not showing on Boot Menu

Anhdv Boot 2020 still supports Linux and Dos extension packages as listed on the expansion page. Even though you copied (or let tool 1 click Anhdv Boot automatic copy). But when booting to USB / HDD, the Boot menu does not appear. The most likely cause is that you have deleted 2 files dos.txt and linux.txt in the ISO folder of USB-DATA or HDD-DATA.

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Error not showing application on WinPE

When entering WinPE of Anhdv Boot 2020 without showing enough applications on the Desktop, you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to My computer to see if there is a USB in the list, if not, plug the USB back in.
  • If there is a USB in the list, see if there is an Apps section in the USB-BOOT partition, in which there is an Apps.wim file? If so, just running Fix Shortcut on the Desktop will solve the problem.

How to install VGA Driver for WinPE Anhdv Boot

Anhdv Boot 2020 has supported installing VGA Driver, how to use it as follows:

How to install VGA Driver for WinPE

Right click on Desktop > Hardware > VGA. Or select VGA with tool Driver Install on the Desktop.

How to bring screen in WinPE to maximum resolution

To make sure WinPE in Anhdv Boot 2020 is compatible with all screens, I have to leave the default resolution 1024×768. If you need higher resolution then run the tool Fix Display on the Desktop.

Some machines when in UEFI mode with Secure Boot maybe the screen resolution is just 800×600. Try installing the VGA driver with Driver Install at Desktop.

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