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The New York Giants won six in the past 7 games, temporarily got the outer card seat of the National Fame season. The New York Giants are also the only team who defeated Dallas Cowboy this season, in the first week of the first week, 20-19 distinctive denim. The team strong Guranton-Collins is an important player of the rise of the giant defensive group. He has won 94 times in this season, leading the entire team. And he is also the only player who can take at least 3 kills (3) and 3 times this season.

Brown needs to decide whether to perform the fifth annual contract option in Enjoku this year. Enjoku also needs to prove that he is not just a good red zone passed the goal, but it is possible to complete the opening of the open cover mission and is a reliable ball. He will definitely face competition.

The NFL TV network reported that Brown has agreed to sign up with the proximal Austin Hooper. The contract will make Hu Puce a maximum of the league. Based on the report, Hu La’s contract is 42 million US dollars, including $ 23 million security.

This week, Sunday, continue to come to Guandong District, cowboy will go far from New York to challenge the enemy giant that has not yet defeated this season. The giant is currently being leading the game of the country, and I want to continue to consolidate my own advantage. In this game, this game will not be lost.

This season, the rise of Dallas cowboy made all the fans did not have, after a wave of 11 games, they became the first team that determined the seasons seats, this game cowboy as long as she can win the giant, they can In advance, the head name of the United States and Liandong District will ensure the first round of the first round of the season, and the home advantage of the playoffs. The rookie four-point guards Prescot became the first new show player in the history of NFL in 5 consecutive games and did not have been copied. And the rookie running Wei Yezer-Airot currently ran alliances with a 1285-yard road surface, and he also got the 12th rush of the twice in parallel.

Cowboy dismissal defensive coordinator Mike NolandUS Time Friday, the official announced that the defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and the defensive front line coach Jim Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula) 2021 will not continue to coach.

Of course, Agua approves to continue to show better performance in the affiliate. Last season, his 31st ball shoots were tried to complete 22 times, and 34 additional shooting doors were tried to complete 32 times, and the worst players of the league.

Brown signed Hu La is a very interesting decision from many ways. Original Hu Lop is just the near-ends of the Atlantian Funding, but his number of balls in the past three seasons, the number of balls, the number of balls, and the number of teams have become an important offensive weapon for the team. Brown’s new coach Kevin Stevin Stefanski likes to use 2 close-end pertroves in Minnesota Victoria.

Chicago Bear recognizes the player Roberto – AgualoOn August 14th, according to ESPN, Chicago Bear recognized Roberto, Roberto, Roberto Aguayo, and they also claimed that the pirates were 4.28 million US dollars that were owed by Pirate 2017 season. Amount of funds.

“This is why this book can be published and will make many people read will be a great thing,” Cona said. “Even if you have been 4 years, people who didn’t know my story now know, they will always send me a wonderful information. They became my supporters, my fans, this is really significant, give me support And love let me continue to grow, this is great. “

In cheap nfl jerseys, it is said that it is the last performance of a player career. At the University of Pittsburgh, Connees had experienced similar changes, and he became a cancer patient from a potential new star. In the fall of 2015, when Cona was torn in the inside of the knee and recovered, the doctor found him with cancer symptoms and quickly determined that he suffered Hodgkin lymphoma.

In the last chapter of this book, Connee explained why you want to write this book. His struggle with cancer is much more than his things more than him, he hopes to pass these experiences and experience to more people.

The reasons why they selected the Agua Coss last season is one of the most reliable players in his career. At the University of Florida, he had a 78th ejaculation shoot to complete 69 (88.5% of the completion rate), without misplaced a shooting door.

Defensive groups are not not injured in the season, Leighton Vander ESCH (Leighton, ankle), Trysten Hill (Knee) and Trevon Digs (Trevon Diggs) (the foot) is hurt, but it is still not serious compared to the offensive group.

Brown has a large amount of salary space for use. Although Steviski prejugged to the double-nest end warfare, this does not mean that David Njoku in the Brown, David Njoku has a safe future. Enjoku has only participated in 4 games due to wrist fractures last season, but he is similar to the data in 2 seasons in his career. Can the two can’t coexist, or Brown may trade Enjoku?

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