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The team coach Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron said that as long as the Chuckley passed the final examination, he was able to play. Chicley has been lacking since the eleventh week of the brain shock, but he began to participate in partial training in this week and at all on Friday. This will be that the Barley has been absent from the third contest for the second consecutive year.

After the stunning performance is displayed as a replacement in 2015, VEE has exploded in 2016, and the 1368 yards have been promoted in the 14th front. Originally he was designated as the first running guard in the 2017 season, but he was injured in the season in the season. Last year, he as a replacement running season, but the mid-season of the season was further weakened. She only completed the 51st mushroom last season to get 246 yards 2 times.

So Xigler wrote a letter to the team’s dissatisfaction: “I spent a lot of time in Minnesota, when the American football season arrived, I only had American football in my heart, I am very disappointed that they did why not look here realize My situation, this is not a correct way to treat a fans who support the team for more than forty years. WARNING? Just because you fail to attend a game last season, we have the right to revoke your ball. Tickets? This is not the right way in me. “

But this time, this season, the eric Siegler, who lived in Chicago, because the mother-in-law is seriously ill, until the mother-in-law, because he is absent because of his mother-in-law. The team’s game is until it is notified that you have been revoked the ball.

The deceased, such as 1855, people finally invented the real inflatable ball, and evolved 2 forms in the university preparatory and East Coast, a kind of comfortable, and another kind of easy . Until 1862, the first American Rugby League “Boston” was held, and two kinds of balls were used. The next few decades, the rules are gradually standardized, mainly due to Walter Camp, and he has developed detailed rules, so he is known as “the father of American football.”

Continue to say the ball. A cow can be used to do 10 balls, each with four leather and a lace. Put into a rubber liner, then sew the cowhide with a punch, finally inflated, allowing the internal pressure to reach 89.635 kPa.

The 10 players who were kicked in this time included the long-open balls of Matt Overton in the past five years (including regular games and playoffs). Also left together, there is safe Duck-Williams (Duke Williams), Alex Bazzie, abandoned Devon Bell, long-player Joe Fortunato, Corner Khales – James, DEON KING, Safety, Stervon, STEFAN MCCLURE, Corner Larry Scott and External Devin Stret. These people have no relationship with the general manager.

In addition, in NFL, each team must prepare 36 outdoor competitions before the game, 24 indoor games, each ball will be tested within 2 hours before the game. There are also 12 balls to seal in the box, from officials to pick up and use it at the beginning of the game. Those balls were printed with the words “K”.

A simple history of American football with ballAmerican football has experienced a long and twist change, and finally upgraded from the pig’s internal dirt into a cowhide product, let’s go back to see how “Pigskin” in the US population is upgraded to modern football.

Nowadays, NFL officially uses the ball being “The Duke” football produced by Wilson Sports Goods. In 1941, under the proposal of the George Halas of the Chicago Board, the rugby named the nickname “The Duke” with the original New York Giant Board Wellington Mara, and became the NFL official game. Duke ball has already produced more than 50 years, producing more than 700,000 balls per year.

First, let’s go back to the ancient Greek era. In that ancient age, everyone used the inflated pigbed leather as a ball, and the bleak era is still the pig’s bladder. Those poor farmers will take the pig’s bladder, and then tight, so the martial arts in the village can start playing “ball”.

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