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The profession of a doctor and 5 myths of many people

The profession of a doctor and the five myths of many people – is it good to be a doctor?

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Many people who have children and friends who are doctors think that being a doctor is very, very enjoyable, but they do not know that any profession has its own risks and difficulties.
Here are the things that relatives often mistakenly think about the medical profession.

1. It’s easy to get a job as a doctor

The truth is not so. To become a doctor, each person must study and practice for a long time, twice as long as other occupations to expect to have a stable position with a future in a certain hospital. It’s normal for doctors to “jump from work,” and sometimes they don’t know where to go.

2. Being a doctor is very rich

According to Decree 204 in 2004 and revised to 2020 by the Government, the basic salary of a first-level senior doctor is… 9,920,000 VND. To get this salary, people in other professions only take 2-3 years to achieve. But to be a senior doctor is indeed extremely difficult, requiring many years of experience in the industry.
Many people also think that being a doctor can… eat more from donations from patients and families. But the treatment is the responsibility and enthusiasm of the doctor, no one chooses the profession of a doctor to receive the “back door” money.

3. Doctor of panacea

Right from the very beginning of medical school, many relatives and friends, whenever they have any health problems, ask what disease this is and how to treat it? Then, if you say you don’t know, you will immediately receive the sentence “you studied medicine but you don’t know?”. And after going to work is… “you’re a doctor and you don’t know how to treat it?”
Oh, wait. Doctors also have specialties and specialties, not just being a doctor will become an encyclopedia that can cure all diseases. If you don’t know, say you don’t know, better than treating a lame pig to become a worse lame pig.

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4. The doctor is not sick

Being the people who have the responsibility to treat the community, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get sick if they can cure the disease. Even a doctor is a profession that is more prone to disease than any other profession: for example, having to work night shifts has too many health effects, long and stressful surgeries, epidemics cause pressure. psychological stress (such as the Covid-19 epidemic), etc. In addition, there is the risk of infection from patients, especially dangerous infectious diseases that have no specific treatment, and unsafe protection methods. 100% safe guarantee.

5. Being a doctor is basically… leisure

People will think, if there are not many patients, basically being a doctor is quite easy. But no, being a doctor is about constantly learning, studying and learning. Whenever I have free time, I have to learn new things, update medical knowledge, from domestic documents to foreign documents. Because diseases will have certain variations, it is not possible to have a single treatment that applies to all patients from year to year, or to apply a treatment that has appeared in many ways. limit.

Being a doctor is just like any other profession, if you don’t try and enrich your knowledge, sooner or later you will be overwhelmed by young people, unable to keep up with the changes of modern medicine…
Source: Dr Le Vu Duy

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