The origin of drug-resistant superbugs and the war with humanity

I just received a patient with pneumonia because the virus was transferred from the lower level, resistant to all typescurrently available on the market. This is a dilemma because all depends on the patient’s own immune system, which is the only hope. Doctors are also helpless because there are no more effective antibiotics to treat because bacteria have resisted all the weapons of modern medicine. The most remarkable thing is that this case is not rare, but it happens quite often. And unfortunately, usually the loser is on the side of…medical staff.

Recently, the media often mentions such terrible drug-resistant bacteria. This story is repeated at HSCC conferences and is contagious year after year with unrelenting anxiety because, even if we don’t want to, we have to admit that we are all still losers in the battle against the virus. this super soldier. They seem to be spreading quite quickly among medical facilities, and the current effective treatment is like “firefly in the dark”.

The most powerful and strongest antibiotic-resistant species in the world today is derived from the most common bacteria that can be found anywhere, like the legendary blue pus bacillus (pseudomonas aeruginosa), the E.coli, pneumococcus, Klebsiella pneumonia and especially the “superman” Acinetobacter baumannii.

These bacteria are mixed everywhere in their home soil, in water, on human skin, in natural cavities in the body and swarm in the air. They are inherently weak and peaceful with other beneficial bacteria in a balanced manner, never harming anyone, except death. Thanks to the immune system and that wonderful balance, our human body lives in a healthy way.

Those bacteria only arise when the balance is broken for some foreseeable reason, the immune system is weakened, the bastards rise or the good people are destroyed. The source is also due to those things.

When infected, the weapon used to destroy them is antibiotics. Each drug has a mechanism of action that kills or inhibits the growth of certain groups of bacteria. Indiscriminate and unreasonable use will create conditions for bacteria to be resistant due to many different mechanisms: natural resistance due to the antibiotic being used has a mechanism of action unrelated to its metabolism, inadequate dose . And then the suppression wasn’t enough to make super soldiers appear.

This story, if taken for example, is similar to Captain America in Marvel’s superhero movies, starting with a skinny, skinny guy like a snail, going to the army, he still criticized, wrote an application for enlistment 5 times and was rejected. . After the injection of the mutant drug, he became a superhero who weighed all teams, sank into the ice for 70 years without dying. Superheroes have risen from the masses in such a glorious way.

The inappropriate use of antibiotics for many reasons, possibly from medical staff, but especially the current phenomenon of buying and selling drugs without a prescription has accelerated the process of drug resistance. According to a study published in Pubmed, a survey at pharmacies in Vietnam, most antibiotics are sold without a prescription, but sold by drug sellers according to … or self-prescribed by buyers. 88% in urban areas and 91% in rural areas buy without a prescription. The demand for antibiotics when buying medicine is 50% in urban areas, 28% in rural areas. While qualitative research shows that no one knows anything about antibiotics. The numbers are horrible.

Going through social networking sites especially for nursing mothers, sharing self-medication prescriptions is even more exciting and terrifying. I took a photo in the group of instructions for drug treatment according to… as told, most of them have antibiotics but don’t understand how. It is easy for people to advise each other to take this and that medicine while professionals are very cautious in online counseling like this.

Origin of superbugs and the war with humanity
This photo is of a multidrug-resistant patient and a list of drugs that moms make by their own doctors on a group of baby diapers, full of antibiotics and corticosteroids in them.

And that’s where drug-resistant superbugs are born.

Because of those mothers, children always have to suffer undesired consequences. All relatives, grandparents, parents, care too much by saying that every time a child or grandchild is sick, they will say why they can’t get better, take this medicine and take that medicine.

Medication must be prescribed. As for us, the key is that prevention is better than prevention, don’t create conditions for these super soldiers to appear. The prevention of infection is not so complicated, just cleaning the body daily and exercising the immune system is enough to help the body defeat most pathogens.

One act of hand washing can prevent the spread of infections. Proper hand washing with soap is like a vaccine to the immune system: simple, cheap, and effective. The superbugs will never have a chance to appear. And we still live healthy by those simple things. Antibiotics, use them correctly and carefully.

BS. Ngo Duc Hung

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