The dream of the new resident doctors

The dream of the new resident doctors

Every year, in mid-June, new resident doctors begin training programs.

I often have lunch with the new resident doctors to welcome and hear about their dreams. Here are the dreams of the new resident doctors at USC University Hospital

1. Get into the fellowship they want

To become a resident doctor in the Los Angeles area was difficult, but getting to the deep specialties was harder.

– This year, the dream fields of physicians are Cardiovascular (Card), GI, Hematology, Oncology, Special Care / Lung Combinations (ICU / Pulm), and bone / joint immunity (Rheum / Immuno).

– Pediatrics, the two specialties are hottest is cardiovascular and gastrointestinal.

– The surgical side: The two specialties that many doctors dream of is plastic and vascular surgery. In fact, more than half of surgical resident doctors will go to work instead of applying for a fellowship because the surgeon has been in the board for five years.

– Orthopedics: Their dream is hand surgery and neurology. These fellowships are in one year but wages will be higher

– The emergency, 100% go to work

2. Have a stable job and a high salary

About 20-30% of physicians will go to work instead of applying for a fellowship. Currently, the doctor is still very hot, the starting salary is quite high. However, jobs in LA are still very competitive so it is difficult to find the right job.

If the job is good, the salary will be slightly lower, with high-paying jobs, you have to work harder, for example, night. Most of them want to go to work for hospital or group to have a stable check, none of them desperately want to open a private clinic.

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3. Get married

The other couple had been married since they were medical students. But other resident doctors are hoping to get married.

4. Become a professor/researcher

This year, friends at Yale University wants to become a professor here. Maybe after a few years, they will change their minds, because of my observation that doctors who like to teach are easy to abandon the intention when they know the salary of the teacher.

When I was new to boarding, my dream was to have my clinic. Now the dream has reached half

The dream of the new resident doctors

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