Technology and sedentary lifestyle

Technology and sedentary lifestyle

As a result of electronic inventions such as the computer and television, people do less physical activity, and this is having a negative effect on their health.

It is an undeniable fact that the development of technology has resulted in tremendous modifications in every espect of life.

Overusing electronic devices such as computers and television has made people less active and more likely to have sedentary lifestyle. I totally agree that this has a negative impact on our way of life and lead to serious health problems.

To begin with, the main drawback of electronic inventions  is that people tend to do inadequate physical exercises due to excessive use of them.

Nowadays, an increasing number of children has a tendency for playing video games to reduce their pressure whenever they are free from study.

The repeated action of sitting too long in front of computer’s screen results in a lack of outdoor activities and causes serious health conditions. For example, a report in Vietnam in 2018 pointed out that computer usage was associated with four times greater risk of obesity and heart diseases.

In addition to the first reason above, the introduction of new types of computers and television could be harmful for eyesight and causes other eye disorders.

What I mean by this is these developments could cause some bad habits for their users, which eventually lead to health problems.

Staring at the computer’s screen for a long period of time is related to higher risk of myopia in children. For example, a recent report in a Vietnam health magazine shows that three out of five students in a university suffered from eye diseases as a result of uncontrolled usage of electronic tools.

In conclusion, the popularity of computers and television in recent years is unavoidable. However, I believe that this advancement has various negative impacts on our way of life, which not only forms an sedentary lifestyle but also puts ourself at greater risk of serious health problems.

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Technology and sedentary lifestyle


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