Speaking Task 1: Topic Running

Speaking Task 1: Topic Running
Q1: How often do you run?
I have a busy life with working and studying so the opportunities to go for a run after work are few. I do however put time aside to jog at least three times a week which helps me relax and keep fit. On the weekends, I would have a longer running workout.
Q2: Where do you usually go running?
There are some different choices to go running near where I live. My local park offers a green space where joggers get together and run a predetermined course around the park.
There is also a track and field facility that allows for more competitive running.
Q3: Did you like running when you were a child?
When I was in elementary school, we had many sports days during the year that would involve running as one of the activities. I loved the running sports and although I wasn’t the best runner, I was competitive and enjoyed the company and interactions with the other kids.
Q4: Do you think running is a good way to stay healthy?

I believe running is an excellent way to stay healthy and improve your fitness. Not only does it help build muscles and endurance, it also is a good cardio exercise. However, many people have difficulties when running with their knees and joints and alternate exercises including rowing and swimming may be better suited for them.

Tuesday Motivation 🍂

When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine. You don’t find the happy life. You make it.
🍂 Khi bạn không thể tìm ra ánh mặt trời, hãy tự mình trở thành ánh mặt trời. Khi bạn không thể tìm thấy cuộc sống hạnh phúc như ý muốn, hãy tự tạo ra nó.

▪️ Sunshine /ˈsʌnʃaɪn/ (n): ánh mặt trời

Describe something expensive you want to buy in the future?

Speaking Task 1: Topic Running 

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