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Currently, child injuries are on the rise and are a matter of public health concern not only in Vietnam but also in developing countries.

According to statistics of the World Health Organization, each year globally, more than 900,000 children and adolescents under the age of 18 die from injuries, of which 90% are unintentional injuries. 95% of child injury deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. In addition to the deaths, tens of millions of children require care in health facilities and many are disabled for life.

In Vietnam, statistics from the Environmental Management Department show that each year, on average, more than 370,000 children are injured in accidents, of which the 15-19 group accounts for the highest proportion, accounting for 43%, followed by the 5-year age group. 14 accounts for 36.9%, the lowest age group 0-4 accounts for 19.5%. The number of children dying from injury is 6,600 cases a year, accounting for 35.5% of the total number of child deaths in the country from all causes. For every 100,000 children, 24 children die from an injury or the equivalent of 18 children die from an injury every day. Boys tend to have more frequent and severe injuries than girls. The mortality rate in men is three times higher than in women.

Among the causes of childhood injury deaths, drowning is the leading cause with 3,500 children and adolescents aged 0-19 years dying each year, equivalent to about 10 children dying each year. day. Among the age groups, children aged 0-4 accounted for the highest rate of drowning deaths with about 36%, the 15-19 age group accounted for only about 16%; from 5-9 years old accounts for 25%, the age group from 10-14 years old accounts for nearly the same proportion as the group of 5-9 years old (26%).

Depending on the age, children may experience different types/causes of injuries.

For babies: The most common causes of injury are drowning, falls, suffocation, burns, traffic accidents and poisoning.

For children under 1 year: Common causes of injuries are drowning, falls, burns, traffic accidents, poisoning, and asphyxiation.

For children 1-4 years old: Drowning is still the leading cause, followed by burns, other common causes such as falls, traffic accidents, animal bites, poisoning can also be encountered but the rate is not high.

For children 5-9 years old: Drowning remains the leading cause, with other common causes such as traffic accidents, trauma from sharp objects and animal attacks. Less common causes include suffocation, falls, poisoning, and lightning strikes.

For children 10-14 years old: Drowning and traffic accidents are the top 2 causes. Other causes have a lower rate such as fighting, animal attacks, suicide.

For children 15-19 years old: Traffic accidents emerged as the leading cause. Other causes such as suicide, fighting, drowning.​

Source: Ministry of Health

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