Should you choose Google AdSense or affiliate marketing?

Should you make money with Google AdSense or affiliate marketing in Vietnam?


Make money with Google AdSense and making money with affiliate marketing are the two most popular forms of making money online in Vietnam at the moment. Combine both forms MMO This is what people usually do, in the hope of increasing their income even more. However, as in the article “Combine Google AdSense and affiliate marketing on the same site?“, I have analyzed for you why not to combine at all Google AdSense and affiliate marketing on the same site. So if you are looking to choose one of these two forms to start a career making money online in Vietnam, which one is more effective? This article will give you the answer.

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Google AdSense or affiliate marketing?

To make it easier for you to have a better overview of the pros and cons of the two forms MMO in Vietnam, I will summarize them in the table below.


  • Google AdSense here for blogs/websites, not AdSense intended for YouTube.
  • Traffic is considered to be mainly coming from within the country.
Google AdSense Affiliate Marketing
Sign Up Success Difficult: the review process is very strict, the registration success rate is low. Easy: almost any blog/website can be successfully registered.
Possibility of being locked High: if you don’t follow the policy, your account will be locked immediately. Low: hardly happens with affiliate networks in Vietnam.
Commissions paid Low: Vietnam is one of the countries with the lowest CPC in the world. Not fixed: can be low or high, depending on product provider and marketing network.
Stable revenue Relatively stable: as long as you maintain and grow the traffic. Unstable: depends a lot on the content of the blog/website, traffic and needs a little luck.
Ways to generate revenue The only way is to insert ads on the blog/website. Marketing via social media, forums and even email can be combined.


Thus, in general, affiliate marketing is easier to sign up, lower risk, more diverse in form, but it lacks stability in terms of revenue (erratic ups and downs) when compared. with Google AdSense. If you are a person who likes to “play risks, eat a lot”, you should choose affiliate marketing and vice versa.

Personally, I still lean towards affiliate marketing a bit. How about you? Let everyone know your views on the matter using the comment box below.

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