Should I use HawkHost or Dreamhost? HawkHost and Dreamhost Reviews

Should I use HawkHost or Dreamhost?

HawkHost Has long been a well-known hosting provider with good quality, recently HawHost expanded 2 more locations in Singapore and Hong Kong, therefore access speed to Vietnam is very fast. Almost everyone who has registered to use the hosting service here has responded that the server is quite terrible and the web load time is not discussed.

If the problem of AAG fiber optic cable breakage in the direction of connecting to the US constantly makes you worry, then using a hosting with a server in Hong Kong or Singapore is a solution that cannot be more optimal.

In all 6 locations, Hawk Host’s hosting in Singapore and Hong Kong also supports it free memcached server and Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Dreamhost is a famous company specializing in providing hosting, domain, and VPS services, established in 1997. Based in the United States, it can be said that Dreamhost is a hosting service provider with a long operating time of the long-standing type. best on the market today.


  • Currently, all hosting packages use SSD hard drives
  • Time time Uptime (uptime): Guaranteed uptime at least 99.9%​
  • HawkHost currently only offers 2 Shared – host packages, both packages are unlimited bandwidth, domain, database
  • Refund period is 30 days (if you are not satisfied with the service)
  • Install WordPress with just 1 click
  • The Primary plan has a storage limit of 10Gb and the Professional plan has no storage limit
  • Free SSL: The installation of SSL for the web is increasingly popular, Google appreciates the website using SSL. Hawkhost has long included a free SSL installation from Let’s Encrypt. Installing free SSL for Website from cPanel is relatively easy, especially when it automatically renews when the SSL certificate expires.
HawkHost or Dreamhost


  • Unlimited storage space and bandwidth
  • Install WordPress with 1 click
  • Custom Panels
  • FREE domain name included, add unlimited domains.
  • The domains added later all have their own IPs, so it’s good for SEO
  • Free to hide domain information (first year)
  • Using the latest MySQL and PHP
  • Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt
  • Free $100 Google AdWords for running ads
  • Up to 97 days refund time
  • Support via live chat 24/7
HawkHost or Dreamhost

Should I use HawkHost or Dreamhost?

Hosting of Dreamhost is a quality service (buffalo), well worth your money to use. In addition, you also get a free domain and $100 Google AdWords to use to run ads, helping you save on usage and advertising costs. Dreamhost is very suitable for those who have large hosting needs, need a server with good load capacity and long-term stability.

Currently Dreamhost is having a program to buy hosting with a $50 discount with a FREE domain name. Join!

Hosting at HawkHost is very competitive, suitable for those who are not financially rich but want to own a stable and good quality Hosting package. Servers located at Singapore or Hong Kong It will increase the speed of your website.

Currently, Hawk Host also has a discount coupon 40% off first bill Therefore, the price of the lowest shared host package after reducing is only about $28.73/year, calculates only about $2/month. Join!

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