Should I place Adsense ads on my blog?

Should I place Adsense ads on my blog?

Placing ads is the only way to make money on blogs. This is the mindset of newcomers to the work of making money on the internet. But really?

At the beginning of the meetings with my teammates, I often asked: How do you think of making money online?

The truth is almost 100% of all members have the same answer: Create a blog / website and place ads Google Adsense !!!!

So here, today and in this article I want to assure you that the worst, most time consuming thing is trying to build a blog and try to register (or buy) an Adsense Account aims to make money!

Why? Right below I will show you!

Note: The article only shows personal opinion, of course once your blog has a large traffic you can still consider placing ads to increase the income!


Image: Internet

Feeling overwhelmed by ads, when you look at the homepage you will see almost no content that all is just advertising, advertising and advertising!

Of course, with news sites, they may still have to choose this solution because there are no real solutions to better revenue. Their strategy is to provide sensational, tedious news to increase views to make money through advertising. But in the long run, the solution is unlikely to be sustainable.

Especially if you are an individual and you are building your blog with the goal of building brand reputation, then surely the solution “surrounded by ads” like this just kill your blog only.

There is another reason, if you are a blogger, you will want your readers to move from article to article and sometimes you want them to take a specific action.

For example, if you want your readers to share your posts, you want them to leave comments, subscribe to email lists … But advertising can make them lose focus, they can be attracted and they click on the ad and then leave.

Decrease page load speed

Sure, when you use the ad code on the blog, the page load speed will decrease significantly. But as we all know, page load speed is one of the most important factors in SEO. In addition, users often do not have the patience to wait more than 3 seconds for each page load. They will leave and of course the chances of a return are almost nonexistent.

So if there is no reader then your blog can grow? Can you make money with advertising when there are no readers?

Losing trust

Since you are blogging, you are on the journey of building trust, building your brand with your readers to move your blog into an online business, making money from advertising is certainly not going to be your big target right?

With a blog, the value of content and trust from readers will be the decisive factor for success or failure.

So the only way you have to choose is to:

  • Decide to place ads to earn a few dollars per month and so on.
  • Second is to build trust, increase user experience, and apply other monetization strategies to earn a few hundred or thousand dollars a month.

Should I place Adsense ads on my blog?


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