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*) Reason:

Lung abscess

– Pulmonary tuberculosis

– Lung cancer

– Dry bronchiectasis

– Acute pneumonia: -> Pneumococcal lobar pneumonia

-> Necrotic pneumonia klebsiell

– Cardiovascular disease and other diseases: pulmonary infarction, mitral stenosis, congenital heart disease, good-animal syndrome, systemic disease (collagen)

– Rare causes: -> aspergillus of the lung, PQ

-> Pulmonary vascular tumors

-> Due to CT, pulmonary VT, interventional procedures (PQ scan, chest wall biopsy)

*) Distinguish hemoptysis:

-> Pulmonary tuberculosis: coughing up blood can be mixed with sputum, usually with hemorrhagic tail (coughing up blood less gradually, dark color is a sign that the bleeding has stopped, now it is just the excretion of blood. stasis in the lungs)

-> Lung cancer:

-Ho in the morning, sputum mixed with blood

– Moderate (50-200ml; tachycardia, blood pressure bt, no respiratory failure), purple red (plum), red blood cells changed in 1 night

– Tumors: the number of cells proliferates abnormally and does not have proper control so cells overgrow -> the area that is not nourished will bleed necrosis.

– Nighttime: parasympathetic enhancement -> peripheral vasodilation

-> congestion of internal organs, especially tumors, so the tumor’s blood oozes oozing

-When sleeping in central area, cough is inhibited: -> wake up in the morning, you have a cough reflex

-> Dry bronchiectasis:

– Only manifest coughing up blood

Bright red blood, repeated recurrences (chronic)

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