Parents be careful in work and activities at home… avoid causing burns to children!

Recently, the City Children’s Hospital received 2 consecutive cases of burns of young children.

The first case is a 10-month-old VHG child, female, living in Tien Giang, 2 hours before admission. The baby walks in the walker, leaning over the mother’s table, boiling water from the super-fast boil, pulling the electric cord to do the work. A pot of boiling water was poured over the young man, causing burns to his face, chest, hands, and right leg. The family immediately took the child to the local hospital for first aid and then transferred to the City Children’s Hospital.

The second case is Tr. Ng. Th. V., 6 months female, living in Dong Nai. 3 hours before admission, the child was carried by the grandmother, while taking care of the grandchild while baking squid with alcohol, when the fire was almost out, the grandmother added alcohol, causing a fire to scorch the grandmother’s hand, burning the child’s face, chest, and limbs. Mother saw her run to help carry the child and put out the fire with her hand, also burned. The family immediately took the child to the local hospital for first aid and transferred to the City Children’s Hospital

At the emergency department of the City Children’s Hospital, both children were in a state of shock with mild pulse and cool extremities, blood pressure was difficult to measure, the burn area was about 40% in child G and 35% in child V. The doctor gave him shock-absorbing fluids, respiratory support, pain medication, and burn wound care, then transferred to the ICU for further treatment. The children were cared for burns with painless antiseptic solutions and bactericidal biological gauze, necrotic tissue destruction, stimulation of granulation tissue formation, no tissue adhesion when changing gauze, combined with proper nutrition. . Results after more than a week of treatment, the condition of the burn wound improved gradually.

Through these cases, we would like to remind parents to be careful in daily activities at home, all acts, movements and actions of adults that may pose a risk of injury to young children. Things to do to make your home safe for young children are not to leave hot and boiling utensils, hot irons, new car exhausts, chemical bottles, rat poisons, insects, drugs to treat. , electrical outlets, etc. at the child’s level. The house does not have buckets with water because children can fall in, limit furniture, etc. may fall over children, etc.

Also pay attention to parents when children are burned with boiling water or fire, they need to take the child to a safe place, pour water on the child’s wound to reduce further burns and pain, and then quickly take the child to the hospital for treatment. further save.

Young Tr. Ng. Th. V., 6 months female, alcohol burn, 35% area, actively treated at the surgical resuscitation department

VHG infant 10 months, female, burns with boiling water, area of ​​35%, is actively treated at the intensive care unit

Doctor of K2 Nguyen Minh Tien
City Children’s Hospital

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