P4 – IELTS Academic Vocabulary band 8.0

Surely you still remember the previous lessons, she shared a lot of Academic vocabulary for you to apply in the IELTS test. Today’s lesson will help you add 10 more words! Please prepare a pen and paper to note down today’s knowledge. You can review the previous vocabulary lesson: HERE

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#. Capricious (adj) /kəˈprɪʃəs/

Definition (meaning): exhibit a sudden change in attitude or behavior;

Synonyms (tyes synonym): random, inconsistent, arbitrary, unpredictable

Antonyms ( tyes antonym): consistent, reasonable


  • Jonas proves to be more capricious and ill-tempered than we expected with all of his unreasonable demands and critical attitude.
  • The capricious weather spoiled our plan to discover the isolated island due to safety reason.


Definition (meaning):

  1. Big and heavy, hard to carry
    2. slow or complicated and therefore inefficient

Synonyms (synonyms):
1. awkward, clumsy, inconvenient, clunky
2. unwieldy, complicated, complex, burdensome

Antonyms (antonyms):
1. light, convenient

2. unburdensome, straightforward

Examples (Example):

  • Unlike my other casual costumes, this designer dress is far more cumbersome.
  • The application procedure was too cumbersome that it took lots of time to successfully accomplish everything.
  • The assignment was so cumbersome that Jill had to hire six temporary workers to assist her.
  • The customer service agent said I would have to pay extra for my cumbersome suitcase.

#Turbulence: (Noun) /tɜːrbjələns/

Definition (meaning): a situation in which there is a great deal of sudden change, confusion, disagreement, and sometimes violence

Synonyms (synonyms): Conflict, Disturbance, Instability


With adjective: political turbulence

Example (Example):

For IELTS Speaking:.

“The political turbulence of the 1970s and 1980s disturbed this cozy conceptualisation of things.”
“They ran into bad weather and the turbulence upset the youngest Brückner child.”
“Once more, the market had wide swings, capping a week of turbulence.”

For IELTS Writing:

“The political turbulence that followed the Civil War was only brought under control by Cromwell’s benevolent dictatorship.”

You can watch more videos of brainwashing IELTS vocabulary that should not be used in Writing:

#Calamity(noun) /kəˈlæməti/

Definition (meaning): 1 thing happened causing great damage to property, affecting people’s lives.

Synonyms (synonyms): catastrophe, disaster, adversity, tribulation


  1. Adj: severe, major, great, dreadful
  2. Verb: suffer, experience


  • Japan suffered severe calamities from a terrible earthquake which completely flattened the whole capital city several years ago.
  • The calamity caused by the economic crisis was dreadful.

#Sordid: (Adjective) /Sɔːrdɪd/

Definition (meaning):

  1. Have illegal or dishonest behavior
  2. very dirty and uncomfortable

Synonyms (synonyms): Nasty, Disreputable, Shameful


With noun: sortid affair/ story


For IELTS Speaking:

“George Broomham was questioned, but only briefly, before he admitted the whole sordid affair.”
“All concerned should be cross-examined to get to the bottom of the whole sordid affair.”
“Her Own” sordid story could only be a bad influence on such a young and impressionable mind.”

For IELTS Writing:

“Out of this” sordid mix of political short-sightedness and commercial greed, no government emerges with clean hands.”

#Plagiarism: (Noun) /pleɪdʒərɪzəsquare meter/

Definition (meaning):

A certain idea or story has been copied and no source is given.

Synonyms (synonyms):

Falsification, Infringement, Piracy


For IELTS Speaking:

  • “Does the student follow the old adage that to read and paraphrase one book is plagiarismbut to use two is research?”
  • “She cobbled together a rough draft and then rewrote it, trying to remove the more ostentatious signs of plagiarism.”
  • “There are all sorts of coincidences which are in no way plagiarism.”

For IELTS Writing:

  • “The Head of Department in consultation with the Dean is responsible for recommending appropriate action in cases of suspect cheating or plagiarism by students.”

#Squander /skwɑːndər/ (Verb)

Definition (meaning): Waste of money, time, opportunity..

Synonyms (synonyms):

Spend, Waste, Splash out.


  • With noun: Chance, Money, Time, Opportunity


  • The home team squandereda number of chances in the first half.
  • Theysquandered the profits on expensive cars.
  • England squandereda golden opportunity to score, seconds before the final whistle.
  • His family felt he had squanderedhis musical talents.

#Intractable – /ɪntræktəbəl/ (Adjective)

Definition (meaning): (formal) very difficult to deal with or deal with

Synonyms (synonyms): Unresolved, Insoluble


  • With adverb: More, Most, Seemingly
  • With noun: Problem


  • It has been and remains the mostextractable problem of world diplomacy.
  • It was a breathtakingly audacious solution to an extractable problem, and the results were to be breathtaking as well.
  • Even more present intractable problemswill be posed by attempts to store virtual reality.

#Evoke – /ɪˈvəʊk/ (Verb)

Definition (meaning): Create a strong feeling to regain someone’s memory

Synonyms (synonyms): Arouse, Provoke, Recall


  • Adverb: Also, Still
  • Noun: Atmosphere, Event, Image, Memory, Name, Reaction, Response, Sense

Examples (example):

  • The photographs evoked strong memories of our holidays in France
  • His appearance is bound to evoke sympathy
  • Her speech evoked a hostile response.

#Exorbitant – /ɪɡzɔːbətənt/ (Adjective)

Definition (meaning): A price too high for its value

Synonyms (synonyms): Expensive, Astronomical, Costly, Pricey


Examples (Example):

  • The exorbitant fee caused an uproar in the land.
  • A few farmers even managed to do very well out of the exorbitant prices charged to urban residents for a few mouthfuls of grain.
  • When that failed they attempted an exorbitant rent so I intervened.

BILLIONThis is a good IELTS vocabulary you can apply to the IELTS writing and speaking test to score points! Good luck with your studies, if you have any difficulties in the learning process, don’t hesitate to inbox IELTS Fighter for the best support team.

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