Optimized interface design for Google AdSense registration

Optimized interface design for Google AdSense registration.


In an article not long ago, I discussed with you the interface of the blog WordPress. At that time, I argued that “the look and feel of the blog WordPress as simple as possible”, and give reasons to support this statement. However, those are matters related to SEO, what about registration? AdSense so what? How should the blog/website interface be designed to make it easy to register successfully? Google AdSense? If you are intending to build a blog/website to make money with Google AdSense then this article is for you.

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Based on registration experience Google AdSense accumulated over the years, I noticed Google really “likes” the simplicity, not just in SEO but also in the review AdSense. Sites with interface designed in a simple style, personal blog layout, focus on content, have a successful registration rate. Google AdSense much higher. In contrast, sites with elaborate designs, redundant effects, and messy layouts, typically sites in the form of magazines and e-newspapers, are often difficult to register successfully.

Why didn’t you sign up for Google AdSense successfully?

It is possible that 100% of the content on your site is self-written and completely quality, but if you use an interface with a magazine or e-newspaper layout, the possibility of being “slapped” is very high. Why? In my personal opinion, it can only be because of one word – prejudice. In Vietnam, most magazines and electronic newspapers often copy each other’s articles. It is possible that this situation has gradually formed a somewhat “negative” mindset for reviewers Google AdSense: If you’re a magazine, you often copy articles, but copying articles is of course a violation of the policy of Google and the conclusion could not be other than “tat”.

This observation is even more valid when recently, Google established a separate subcommittee in Singapore to handle issues related to Vietnam. A series of blogs/websites with copy-pasted, poor-quality content have been “dropped” in turn. Registration Google AdSense for Vietnamese websites has also become more difficult than ever, while the number of banned accounts is increasing day by day. All thanks to the tireless “efforts” of copying, spamming, and hacking/cheating by a large number of Vietnamese bloggers/webmasters today. Sincerely “thank you” to you!


In addition to building quality content, bringing useful information and experiences to users, you should design a simplified blog/website interface to improve the likelihood of successful registration. Google AdSense. Some recommended rules in interface design include:

  • The simpler the layout, the better. Should build a personal blog layout, including 2 columns: content – sidebar or sidebar – content.
  • Limit the use of javascript and css. Cut out unnecessary effects, which can be distracting and slow down the loading speed of the site.
  • Responsive, displays well on all screen sizes (mobile phones, tablets, desktops…). You can test this feature using the tool Mobile Friendly of the Google.
  • Menus and navigation buttons must be large enough, placed in an easy-to-see, easy-to-operate, and easy-to-navigate position.

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In your opinion, does the blog/website interface affect the registration? Google AdSense are not? Please share with us your thoughts and opinions using the comment box below.

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