Multiple choice test skills

This is a multiple choice test, very familiar to most candidates. This type of question is understood similarly to True/Fasle/Not given questions. You will eliminate 3 wrong answers and choose 1 correct answer.

Unit 1: Multiple choice skills - IELTS Reading

There are two types of questions you need to be very specific about when taking this type of test.

It’s a data and opinion type of question.

  • Ask about the writer’s opinion
  • Ask you to answer data information yes or no

Learn why it’s so important to determine the type of question:

“Different people read for different reasons. For example, the attraction of reading detective fiction can be in the intellectual challenge of finding out who did it, in an autobiography we can eavesdrop on the conversations of the great and good or we can laugh at folly in the celebrity magazine. For many children it is a magic gateway to some other world. Sadly, that is one of the greatest mistakes they can make.

Q: According to the author, the attraction of reading for young people is:

  1. they find out about other countries
  2. different from other generations
  3. escaping into another world
  4. foolish

If the phrase highlighted in red above is missing, the answer will be C. However, if you read the sentence in red, the answer to this question will be D – foolish because the question is asking about the author’s personal opinion posts.

Tip 1: REDRead carefully and don’t stop reading too soon.

An answer that seems correct but is not the answer because the following sentence uses some words like “but” or “however”.

Please study the following text and the questions that follow to derive some other useful tips!

These conclusions are the result of extensive research carried out over the past 20 years around various countries into the effect of banning tobacco advertising. In Scotland it was found that the incidence of smoking fell by 30% in the 18-24 age group after legislation prohibiting the advertising of tobacco products in all print media was introduced. A separate piece of research in the United States of America found that when tobacco advertising was banned in 34 states, this reduced the level of smoking by 50%.

Q: What were the findings of the research in Scotland:

  1. anti-smoking legislation was more effective in the USA
  2. advertising of tobacco products had less effect on old than on young people
  3. the legislation was unpopular with the print media
  4. almost a third of young people stopped smoking after the legislation


Not correct.

Words “A separate piece of research in the United States of America” included in the post does not help answer the question. “Reseach in Scotland” and not in the USA.

Tip 2: Always read the question carefully before answering.

Not correct . Probably true but you’re guessing information

The answer is wrong because we don’t have the information in the post. The answer seems reasonable, but there is no comparative information between “young people” and “old people”.

Tip 3: Always make sure you read all the answers, don’t guess too soon. You will find the answer below.

Not correct

The answer contains most of the vocabulary in the article so it seems to be the correct answer. However, this information is not included in the article. We see a very typical mistake of students “matching words” between the question and the passage. You must read the context to avoid this error.

Tip 4: Doubtin the answers that have many words repeated in the passage .

D- Correct “almost a third” = “30%” and “18-24 age group” matches “young people”

The process of doing a Reading – Multiple choice

  1. Read the first question to learn the topic.
  2. Focus on the signal word (key word) of the question to determine the correct passage to read in the lesson;
  3. Skim the passage to determine which Paragraph to read: the questions will follow the order of the passage;
  4. Read the Paragraph carefully; then reread the question – read each option to exclude;
  5. Ask yourself are you looking for the answer to “fact” or “opinion”
  6. Type of wrong answer
  7. Continue reading and answer the follow-up question;

Hope you have mastered the skills of taking multiple choice tests. Let’s practice some exercises with IELTS-fighter below! In addition, learn new lessons:

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