Medical English Vocabulary: WAYS TO COPE WITH STRESS

“Hey guys, it’s nice to chat with everyone again today. The end of the year is always the busiest and most busy time. And of course also the most vulnerable time of the year)))). So I will give you a few little tips that hope to help you overcome the “storm” ha. “

“Listen to play but do not forget the task of improving new words.”

Which ways help you overcome the hard time? or ways to cope with stress?

  1. Open / bare my heart to so = to confide to = open my heart or confide in someone
  2. Overcome the harditme = to be in deep water: overcome the hard time / crisis
  3. Set aside time for = make time for ..: take time for …
  4. A self-talk: talk to yourself
  5. To rail against a situation: not surrendering to adversity / trying to overcome adversity.

Watch the video below to learn more words about “ways to cope with stress” offline!


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