Medical Communication – How to ask the patient to perform the examination

In medical English, asking the patient to perform an examination is very important. Patients are often apprehensive, and anxious. The exercises below help you communicate with patients more easily by asking them to perform a medical examination in English.

We can use the following communication sentence structures:

  • Come in, please!
  • Will you come in, please!
  • Would you come in, please!
  • Would you mind standing up, please!

Change these commands to polite requests. Be careful to make your voice rise and fall correctly

Drill 1

Command: Come in

Request: Come in, please!

  1. Turn over: lie face down
  2. Bend down: bend down
  3. Lie down: lie down
  4. Sit up: sit up
  5. Look up: to look up
  6. Come in: come in
  7. Sit down: sit down
  8. Stand up: stand up
  9. Turn round: turn one round
  10. Say Ah: say Ahh

Let’s practice medical communication according to the video below 🙂

Drill 2

Command: Come in

Request: Will you come in, please?

  1. Raise your arm: raise your hand
  2. Move your head: shake your head
  3. Lift your leg: lift your leg
  4. Arch your back: arch your back
  5. Lower your foot: lower your foot
  6. Open your mouth: open your mouth
  7. Put out your tongue: stick out your tongue
  8. Bend your knees: bend your knees
  9. Touch your toes: touch two big toes
  10. Wriggle your fingers: fold your fingers

Drill 3

Command: Come in

Request: Would you come in, please?

  1. Roll your sleeve up: roll up your sleeves
  2. Take your shirt off: take off your shirt
  3. Hold your head up: keep your head up
  4. Hold your breath in: inhale and hold
  5. Get on the scales: stand on the scale
  6. Turn your head slowly to the left: turn your head slowly to the left
  7. Take your pants off: take your pants off
  8. Keep your mouth open: keep your mouth open
  9. Keep your eyes shut: keep your eyes closed
  10. Put out your tongue: stick out your tongue
  11. Make a fist: make a fist (make a fist)
  12. Lift up your left hand: lift up your left hand

Drill 4

Commands: Stand up

Request: Would you mind standing up, please?

  1. Stand up
  2. Sit down
  3. Lie down
  4. Turn over
  5. Squeeze your finger in your palm
  6. Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out
  7. Sit up
  8. Turn round
  9. Bend down
  10. Roll up your sleeve up
  11. Put your feet right here
  12. Bend slightly forward

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