Make money passively, should you choose Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?

Through the process of learning and participating in Google Adsense as well as affiliate marketing with CJ, Amazon, Lazada, …

Make money Google Adsense

And some other affiliates such as: StableHost, A Small Orange, HostVN, DreamHost… In my opinion, affiliate marketing is still a more viable option. And these are the reasons why I made this opinion.

Should you choose Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?

– Signing up for an affiliate network is much easier than signing up for an Adsense account.

– Sell a product through affiliate link, you get more than one adsense impression

– As an affiliate, you can find a lot of specific, topic-related products on your website. And adsense is passive.

With Affiliate, sell any product and receive a commission for that product. Adsense pays recurring.

– Adsense is from Google. Affiliate network includes many suppliers.

– When doing Affiliate you have control over your ads and Adsense does not.

Based on the above comparison, you can see that: affiliate is more profitable than adsense.

Things to know more about affiliate networks

– Vendor (Advertiser or vendor): People who own the product and need to promote it. They need to increase the number of sales in the market, so they use a network of collaborators to promote and sell products.

– Contributor / Content Publisher (Publisher): People who own a website and create content on the website to attract users. Attached with the supplier’s product referral link, when customers buy goods using this link, the supplier will pay a commission.

– Affiliate network: Intermediary connecting suppliers with collaborators. Where manufacturers can post products for collaborators to get links, banners… that they target. Affiliate Network acts as a system and technical platform provider. They manage and resolve disputes and are responsible for paying affiliates commissions.

For a product sold through an affiliate link, you may earn a specific commission, depending on the supplier’s regulations for that product. It could be as little as $0.10, but it could also go up to $100. This shows that as long as you sell 1 sale / day, you have made money from adsense 1 week, even 1 month.

Having said that, the more I learn affiliate marketing, the more I’m interested in this monetization model. A model that was too clever to be developed by Amazon in 1966. A model in which everyone was involved.

Publishers do not need to own any of the products:

For affiliate marketing you just need to find the right product and promote it. How to make customers buy you have money.

Inexpensive for order processing and delivery:

All of these have been taken care of by the provider. You just need to attract customers and increase traffic to a stable page. By making them trust you then click the affiliate link to make the purchase and the commission will go to your account.

High commission:

This is the most attractive point for affiliate marketing. Normally, the commission for Publisher will be from 30 – 70% depending on each industry, each product. For digital items sometimes the commission is up to 100%. Because simply a supplier they want to get a list of potential customers. They can then sell those products at a higher price with many times the profit.

If you own a website / blog, what are you waiting for without joining Affiliate Marketing to make money online like this?

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