Just Enough English Grammar Illustrated – good IELTS preparation material

To conquer the high score in IELTS exam Besides the knowledge for each skill of Listening, Writing, Reading or Speaking, one thing that you always have to strengthen is the basic knowledge of Grammar and Vocabulary. And not only IELTS, this is also the foundational knowledge for general English, so you can’t skip this part.

Just Enough English Grammar Illustrated

The current, There are many grammar practice books for English as practice IELTS that I have shared so far. Typically the set Grammar materials from basic to advanced that he shared on his fanpage before with legendary grammar practice books like English Grammar in Use or books specifically for IELTS like Grammar for IELTS by Cambridge or Collins themselves or even more advanced and more difficult ones.

However, today I and the teachers of IELTS Fighter test preparation center I would like to give you another great resource to help you learn Grammar, which is English Grammar Illustrated – Just Enough.

To download this book you can click here: Just Enough English Grammar Illustrate

Something about the book:

  • The book is divided into separate sections like nouns, verbs…
  • Vocabulary is presented in the form of beautiful images to make it easy to remember
  • Grammar is presented in the form of examples, divided into small sections, with detailed explanations for better learning.
  • …..

The only weakness of the book is that there is no Vietnamese section, so it will be difficult for those who are just starting to prepare for the IELTS exam. Hopefully in the near future IELTS Fighter can have enough time to Vietnameseize this wonderful document.

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Good luck with your studies!

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