Is the medical profession happy or miserable? – The Story of the Medical Profession

However, if you think about it, it’s not that bad.

I try to list a few “selfie” reasons.

1. Long career life

The most familiar argument is “By now friends have houses and cars!” I don’t deny it, boarding school means that it’s almost 30 before you can support yourself. But the life expectancy of the medical profession is much longer. Football and cave players retire after the age of 30. Singers reduce their numbers after the age of 50. Officials return to the garden after the age of 60. And some doctors are like orchids that bloom late and fade, even beyond 70. good life. From antiquity, that’s the truth. Although at the age of 70, the money earned may not be as valuable to you as the money at the age of 30. But at least, we will not be afraid of “retirement”.

2. Health is guaranteed

Living in Vietnam is very humiliating!!! (Yes, that’s right). Anything that is not my area of ​​expertise is at a very high risk of being cheated (this verb is a bit light). Specifically: when you go to the market, you will be “squeezed”, if you leave your motorbike, you will be “cut”, if you are beaten, you will be “meat”, if you take care of administrative procedures, you will be “onion”, etc., etc. Our doctors can Rest assured, even though we still face the risk of being stopped by the traffic police to collect money on our way, even though we still have to kick the school gate to apply for school every day, when we are sick, we will We and our loved ones have the opportunity to enjoy the best quality of care within the scope of our own finances and the capacity of the country’s healthcare system. But health is the most important, always like that, forever like that!

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3. Income stability

In an environment where the three fastest ways to get rich are “corruption”, “smuggling” and “speculation”, it is clear that it is not easy for a doctor to get rich. But I don’t believe any doctor starves to death. In this time of crisis, it is difficult to earn money to buy a house, buy a car, play “golf”; but to buy a bad camera, buy a phone to surf the facsimile, buy origami paper, go to sing and record vocals, or have a good coffee. The banking system may collapse, the real estate bubble will burst or not, the price of gasoline will decrease and the price of electricity will increase, etc. Our doctors still work leisurely in their hospital oasis, with no income increasing. erratic as a stock index. As for why a person who has studied for 10 years – in which the last 4 years work an average of 10-14 hours a day, 6-7 days a week – can only earn the same salary as a person who has studied for 4 years leisurely, is it not? is something to ask.

4. The halo is always shining brightly

It is an illusion that is difficult to describe in words. It comes from the very beautiful conceptions of Vietnamese society about the doctor, or from the monumental images in the movie “Doctor Brothers”. When you introduce yourself to medical school, 95% of the time you will receive a friendly greeting and affectionate gaze. Despite all the harsh reality, despite the many complaints and criticisms on Vnexpress, the medical school entrance exam score is still the second highest in the country. Moreover, with the default of extremely low social knowledge base “six years of knowing how many exams, graduating from university is still spring!”, you seem to be more easily favored by the community. “What can a journalist say when blogging, it’s such a lovely little surprise for a doctor to write a blog” (or “Can’t believe a doctor would have such feelings”, “Who told you to just keep your head down?” Which hospital do you go to?”, “doctors can also take pictures or do this and that”… etc and so forth) Although society is sometimes beaten up, in general, it is still very much for our doctors. sweet caresses. Although honestly speaking, after every night on duty, when the lips are dry and the heart is empty, the people in the profession never remember that caress, but just want … to go home to sleep.

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BS. Dinh Linh

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