Instructions to link Google Adsense with Google Analytics

Instructions for linking Google Adsense with Google Analytics.


Have you ever wanted to find out the source of income that advertising Google Adsense What pages and articles do you bring mainly from your blog/website? If you know this, you can do the job of optimizing the placement of ads in those pages and articles to increase the click-through rate and increase your income even more. Sorry, the “Performance Report” page of Google Adsense This feature is not supported yet. So what is the solution?

Fortunately, another famous product of Google be able to fill this void of Adsense, That is Google Analytics. Not only has the function of tracking traffic, Google Analytics It also allows you to track and analyze your revenue Google Adsense intuitively and in detail.


Some features are available on the statistics page Adsense of the Google Analytics:

  • % Viewable display Adsense.
  • CTR Adsense.
  • Revenue Adsense.
  • Revenue Adsense/1000 sessions.
  • eCPM Adsense.
  • advertisement Adsense is clicked.
  • Impressions Adsense.
  • Impressions Adsense/session.
  • Page impressions Adsense.
  • Suitable ratio Adsense.

So how to link Google Adsense with Google Analytics?

It’s very simple, you just need to follow these steps:

1. Access to the admin panel Google Adsense, click on “Integration with Google Analytics“.


In addition, you can also click on the gear icon => Select Setting => Access and Authorization => Google Analytics Integration.

2. You will be redirected to a page with the interface as shown below. Please click on the “Link” section corresponding to the account Google Analytics to which you want to create the link.


3. Click on “Adsense link“.


4. Check the box “Adsense for Content“then click the button”Continue“.


5. Click on “Select view” and tick the box “All site data“. Finally, click on the “Turn on contact conclude” => “Completed“.


6. Return to the interface Google Adsense and click on the “Done“. If you see the status transition from “Link” luxurious “Unlink” means you have successfully linked.


The last thing you need to do is access the admin page Google Analytics, select item Report => Behavior => Adsense => overview and start tracking statistics from Google Adsense. It’s simple, right? 😛

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